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Progressive Slots

Play the Best Progressive Jackpot Slots for Free with no registration and no deposit – just for fun. Download the Gambino Slots app or play Online. Have questions? Read on to learn how to play progressive casino slots.

What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive Slots were first introduced in land based casinos in 1986. They are an accumulating jackpot slot game that increases every time the game is played but the jackpot isn’t paid out. Once the jackpot is won, the value is reset to a base amount and begins to rebuild again as it is played. The increasing progressive jackpot can be monitored on a special meter attached to the machine.

What is a progressive jackpot in slots? Progressive jackpots are available in many slot machines that are played in brick and mortar establishments, online real money casinos and free to play slots or social casinos. There are three main types of progressive jackpot machines, we’ll explore further, and they are among the most popular video slot games. While some casinos offer real world prizes in the slot machine jackpot reward, most are coins or cash winnings like when you play progressive slots free online

Fun fact: The biggest slot win ever was hit on a progressive slot machine!

Types of Progressive Slot Machines

Now that you understand what progressive slots are, let’s get into a little more detail about the three main types of progressive slot machines and which would be the best free progressive Vegas slots for you.

Stand-Alone Machines

The stand alone progressive slot machine is an independent jackpot accumulator. What does this mean? It means the user playing on that slot is the sole contributor to the casino jackpot. At Gambino Slots, all the progressive slot games are stand alone since they are an independent software developer unlike progressive casino slots in Vegas. This is the case with many social slot casinos and smaller brick and mortar establishments. The jackpots in stand-alone progressive slots are generally the smallest since it is based on a single player contribution. Of course that also depends on how often they hit.

In-House/Local Slots

In-house progressive machines offer a much larger slot machine jackpot payout. This system is made up of several slot machines that are interlinked within one casino. It can be one specific game or several. The contribution is communal meaning every person playing the eligible slot machine is contributing to the jackpot. Oftentimes, casinos offer real world prizes as a top progressive prize such as cars or vacations in their local slot progressives but the more common is just a huge jackpot win.

Wide Area Network

Wide area networks or global progressive slot machines pay out the largest jackpot sums. Las Vegas progressive slots are under this category. They are not limited to one casino and are often sponsored by the game provider or software developer. For example, the original progressive machine Megabucks is in casinos around the world and the best progressive slots in Vegas. This makes contribution larger and faster but also pays out more frequently. The global progressive slot machines are the most sought after due to the impressive jackpot sums despite the decreased odds from the higher number of players participating.

Continue reading for more information about how progressive jackpot slots work and how to win at progressive slots.

How to Play Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots social casino does provide several different types of jackpot games. Unlike real money online or brick and mortar casinos, there aren’t any special indications on the slots that have jackpot bonus features. The biggest online progressive jackpot slots are Flash Cash which is included in the game’s name.

Once you’ve found the perfect casino jackpot slot for you, be sure to read over the game rules so it’s clear what you have to do in order to hit the jackpot. All progressive slots online can be won within any bet size, but the amounts do fluctuate based on that. If you’re looking for the biggest progressive jackpot hit, max bet is your best bet

Your progressive slots strategy will largely depend on many factors that include which type you choose to play and can include:

If you compare progressive slots vs regular slots, there are equal pros and cons in each and essentially boils down to what you prefer to play. Are progressive slots better? In terms of payout size and the thrill of the chase indeed! When playing progressive slots, it’s important to consider the odds of hitting the big one verses landing a regular jackpot or bonus win in regular slots.

Our Best Progressive Jackpot Slots

Gambino Slots boasts over 130 original slot machines, many include the best progressive jackpot slots. One of the interesting things about progressive jackpots in social casinos is they involve more than just spinning until you land the lucky combo. Which makes for a more engaging experience. Here is a list of our best progressive slots online which have attracted new and veteran slot fans alike:

Buffalo Slot

One of the original games here is Buffalo Slots. This is a popular 5-Reel slot that offers 2 types of progressive jackpots within the Torrid Free Spins feature. While it can only be won with specific triggers during free spins, it accumulates through base game.

Jackpot City Slot

This is an exciting Vegas themed slot machine with two types of jackpots. The progressive Flash Cash Jackpots as well as classic jackpots which can be won in base game or any of the mini-games. Going for jackpot wins in this slot game is amusing due to the amount of mini-game fun provided. 

Hot Hot Chilies Slot

The progressive jackpots here are available in the Free Spins round and are collection based. Chillies (the prize symbol) are collected while spinning until the collect symbol lands in the last reel. If the jackpot is won, all the prize symbols are added together. This is not a typical contribution jackpot. It’s based on the amount of prize symbols collected.

Legend of Zeus 2: Flash Cash 

The progressive jackpots on this slot machine are the Flash Cash Jackpots. You can view 8 different jackpot meters in the game while playing. These can be won when the symbols land during base game and in the bonus features when wilds are also turned into Flash Cash symbols for more winning combinations.

Double Flash Cash Fire and Ice

As a Flash Cash game this is one of best progressive slots. What sets this one apart is there are 2 sets of progressive Flash Cash Jackpots which can be won individually or together by landing combinations of: Fire Flash Cash, Ice Flash Cash or Fire/Ice Flash Cash. During free spins, the symbols contribute to different bonus benefits such as wilds and sticky wilds.

How to Win at Progressive Slots

Winning progressive slots online is as simple as playing them. As mentioned above, the jackpot games available at Gambino Slots online do not require a specific bet size to qualify for the win. While we do recommend the maximum bet size, you can play assured that any bet size will land you a jackpot payout. However, the jackpot does adjust according to your bet size.

To remove the mundane feeling of just spinning, the jackpot slots here are included in various bonus games. While they can be won in base game, additional bonus features like free spins increase the chances of winning by providing more triggers and special symbols. Vegas progressive slots do not need to offer such additions as being in the casino adds enough thrill to the spin.

Play From Any Device You Like

Gambino Slots online social casino is available to enjoy on any device and platform you like. For big screen thrills, play on your PC/Laptop via the Microsoft Store or your browser. For spin fun on the go, install the mobile casino app on your smartphones and tablets on Android and Apple. Once you’ve found your niche, you’re ready to join over 3 million slot fans and play free progressive jackpot slots online, anytime!

Whether you enjoy progressive slots online at mobile casinos or Las Vegas progressive slots, you’ll find excitement in every spin. Playing progressive slots means you’re looking for that big win and for many slot fans, it doesn’t matter where they hit it from!

Why You Should Play Progressive Slots Games with Bonuses

If you’re looking for the biggest thrills in online free casinos, you’ll want to play free progressive slots games. These bonus mega wins offer a great bump to your G-Coins balance ensuring longer playtime.

Some progressive jackpot games do include additional bonuses to achieve the win. You may find jackpot symbols become sticky, wild or even include multipliers in free progressive jackpot slots. If more chances of hitting the jackpot is your progressive slots Vegas style, seek out those bonus games.

Free Spins are a wonderful way to test out any of the jackpots slots available so make sure to participate in special events that offer free spins as rewards or check for exclusive sale packages in the Shop. Oftentimes, they include free spins on our progressive jackpot games.


  1. What is a Jackpot?

A jackpot is a large sum of prize coins paid out when triggered in progressive slots games. Progressive jackpots accumulate during spinning while regular jackpots are a static win amount.

  1. How do progressive slots work?

Progressive slots work on an accumulating meter which grows with every spin. Contribution is dependent on if the jackpot is stand alone, in-house or global. For example, Gambino social slots are stand alone only progressives while all three types of progressive slots in Vegas can be found.

  1. What are bonuses in progressive jackpot slots?

Bonuses in progressive slots usually mean the chances of hitting a jackpot are increased during bonus features. This can be via special symbols or easier triggering mechanisms. In addition, bonuses in Vegas progressive slots can include real world prizes.

  1. How to increase winning chances at progressive slots?

To increase the chances of winning progressive slots it’s important to stay persistent in playing. As these jackpots are contribution based, the more you play the higher it goes. To hit even bigger jackpots, increase your bet size.

  1. Do I need to download an app to play a progressive slot machine for free?

Downloading an app is not necessary to play progressive slot machines for free at Gambino Slots. You can play on the web or enjoy the game through Facebook via PC or Mobile. However, you can install the app which helps to save your progress and access your account across multiple devices, but it’s not necessary. Play free progressive slots, no download today!