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Make a splash at Gambino Slots social casino on Wild Pearls 2 mystical mermaids slot game. Players can find this sequel to the fan favorite, Wild Pearls, in the lobby ready to play. Boasting 4 types of free spins and a mermaid adventure to keep you searching for Las Vegas slots treasures. Enjoy the free slots with a generous welcome package and tons of ways to get more free coins. Read on to learn more about this hyped, ocean slot machine!

Explore Wild Pearls 2 Free Slots

If you’re a lover of fantasy Vegas slots, your search stops here. Wild Pearls 2 online free slot offers five types of free spins including Pearl Spins. Mermaid slots fans can enjoy spinning up treasure with boosted symbols, jackpots, wheels and more! All of this is set in a beautiful underwater backdrop featuring four stunning mermaid princesses. Let’s dive in!

Slot Info

  • Reels
  • Jackpots
  • Paylines/Ways
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins/Respins
  • Theme
  • 3x5
  • Yes
  • 30 Paylines
  • Wild Pearls Wheel
  • Free Spins
  • Fantasy/Mermaids

How to Play


Set your bet size


Trigger Free Spins


Spin the Wild Pearls Wheel


Land a Grand Jackpot


Share your success with friends

Get Free Spins on Wild Pearls 2

There are four types of free spins that can be won in the Wild Pearls 2 underwater casino game. When three shells land on reels 1, 3 or 5 the Wild Pearls Wheel is triggered. Spin to see what type and how many free games you’ve won. In addition, there are Pearl Spins which is similar to the Respins bonus at this social casino. To trigger, 6 or more pearl icons must land.

Wild Pearls 2 Free Bonuses

For added wild water slot bonus fun on this free slots game, players can enjoy the Pearl Paradise Map. Above the reels, is a line up of the Wild Pearls Bonus Wheels. Every five times a wheel is triggered, bigger wheels are won with larger prizes. Your progress will be saved and the Pearl Paradise Map resets back to the first Wild Pearls Bonus Wheel when completed.

Getting to Know the Wild Pearls 2 Free Casino Game

The Wild Pearls 2 free Vegas slot machine was developed by Gambino Slots online social casino. It is the second mermaid slots machine due to the popularity of the first Wild Pearls video slots game. The mermaid theme and jackpot bonuses provided in these two games have provided hours of great entertainment value and big wins for veteran and newbie players alike. Wild Pearls 2 contains a few sought after bonus features for online slots fans. The first being free spins. In this ocean slots game, there are three types of free spins that can be won for huge fortune payouts:

Pearl Spins can also be triggered in Wild Pearls 2 free mermaid games online. However, this free spins bonus is a little different in that it upgrades the prizes while you play. For example, any of the pearl prize symbols that land a frame is added to that space. Then, each time a pearl symbol lands again on that space, it upgrades the frame again. What does this mean to you? Whatever symbols or prizes that land in those spaces are upgraded through the rest of the feature. More upgraded frames equals bigger payouts. Pearl Spins can be won via the Wild Pearls Wheels or when six or more pearl symbols land on the reels.

The Pearl Paradise Map is another wild bonus available in this mystical mermaid slots game. Above the reels, several wheels are lined up. There are four different Wild Pearl Bonus Wheels and every five or so triggered will reveal a bigger bonus wheel with higher prizes. To trigger a wheel, three or more golden seashell icons must land on reels 1, 3 or 5. A wheel will appear (which is the next wheel on your map) and you can spin for huge coin prizes, free spins and jackpots.

Get ready for pearls pearls pearls, fun and epic jackpot wins in the Wild Pearls mermaid games free online at Gambino Slots!

Be Inspired by the Mermaid Theme

Surprisingly, there are many mermaid themed slot games and online pokies out there both online and at land based casinos. While mermaids are typically a symbol in modern western cultures with younger generations, many adults enjoy the nostalgia as well as the mystery and appeal that come with the underwater world.

From the middle ages until about the 18th century, sailors and travelers recorded sightings from sea and land. These reports were the inspiration behind Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale stories leading to the original tale of The Little Mermaid. From there, all ages have been intrigued by these rulers of the oceanic worlds which led to further stories, novels, films and other types of mermaid products and fan fare.

How do Las Vegas online slot machines fit such a bill? Well, it’s easy to say due to the latest trends. But the mermaid fascination has been around a couple centuries longer than Disney’s adaptation of Hans’s fairy tale. All around, it’s a fun theme that’s set in an unfamiliar world leading slot fans by their curiosity and creating a mermaid slots fan base.

In addition, tying in treasures and big wins makes for a simple transition in the casino gaming world. Mermaids are often associated with royalty and treasure so creating a big win chase is done with ease in fantasy themed slot games. Gambino Slots offers several different mermaid slots and underwater games online from Wild Pearls 1 and 2 to Atlantis free slots.

The Rules and Reels of Wild Pearls 2 Free Slots

Now it’s time to get serious. In order to maximize your gameplay on free Las Vegas mermaid slots, it’s important to go over the rules. This will help in setting your gameplay style as well as inform you of the triggers and winning paylines. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with the primary symbols. Wild Pearls 2 is a 50 payline slot meaning, there are 50 different payline combinations - excluding bonus triggers and feature wins.

Wild Pearls 2 is a 50 payline slot meaning, there are 50 different payline combinations - excluding bonus triggers and feature wins. All symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels on any payline beginning from leftmost reel and only the highest win per line is paid. Wins can be paid across multiple paylines creating a mega or epic win, but only the highest win per line will be awarded. All payline wins are multiplied by the current bet per line which is calculated on the back end of things based on your total bet size, divided by how many paylines are in the game.

And that sums up the rules here. To view the paytable and game rules, login to the game and tap or click on the small “i” to the left of the bet gauge. It’s there for players to view at any time for information about the game.

Get Ready to Get Wild on Wild Pearls 2

It’s time to escape to the underwater world of mermaid slots with tons of golden G-Coins bonuses and treasures. Wild Pearls 2 offers wild bonuses, jackpots and plenty of winning opportunities to keep you swimming with mermaid queens and princesses.

Veteran players can find the Wild Pearls mermaid games free online in the Gambino Slots lobby. If you’re new to Gambino Slots social casino, install the game from any app store, collect your welcome bonus and enjoy Wild Pearls 2 Vegas fantasy slot today!


What are Wild Pearls 2 slots online?

Wild Pearls 2 is a mystical mermaid slots game created by Gambino Slots social casino. It’s an addition to the original Wild Pearls online slot machine that became a player favorite!

How to play Wild Pearls 2 slot game?

To play the free mermaid games, you’ll first need to install the Gambino Slots app. It can be found at your preferred app store. Once done collect your welcome package and spin!

How to win on Wild Pearls 2 slot machine?

Slots are all about luck. But you can hit bigger wins when you play at max or X-Treme bet. This will ensure the maximum payouts on bonuses and jackpots giving you more to play with.

How to hit the jackpot on Wild Pearls 2?

Jackpots can be won with the Wild Pearls Wheel. When 3 or more shell symbols land, the next wheel in the Pearl Paradise map is triggered. Spin to win free spins, coins and jackpots!

How to get free spins on this Mermaid Slot?

There are four types of free spins that can be won via a spin on the Wild Pearls Wheel. In addition, Pearl Spins can be triggered when 6 or more pearl symbols land on the reels.

Can I play with real money?

Gambino Slots is a social casino that uses an independent internal currency - G-Coins. While you can purchase additional coins in the app, it is not necessary to enjoy the games.

How do I withdraw my wins?

Since Gambino Slots is totally free to play, withdrawals can not be made. Your balance remains for you to play on at your leisure. G-Coins can not be exchanged or transferred.

Who can play the Wild Pearls 2 Mermaid Slots?

Anyone in the world with a good internet connection and is over 18 years of age is welcome to play at Gambino Slots. The app can be played on any mobile or desktop device.

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