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How to Get Free Coins at Gambino Slots

If you’re new to Gambino Slots or trying to find more ways to stay in the game longer, this guide is for you! We’re going to discuss all the various ways to maximize your free play time. From daily bonus coins to friend sharing and everything in between you’ll be hitting the reels for even more quality free to play gaming.

Gambino Slots is well known for free slots with bonus and free spins, but most of our players are unaware of all the bonus collector availability. We’d like to help you sort through all the options that we provide so you can customize your daily collections and set a routine so as to not miss out on one single free G-Coin! After all,it’s all a part of the free to play gaming process.

Let’s get started so you can simplify and familiarize yourself with every free coins resource available and start spinning with free winning slots coins!

Types of Coins

Gambino Slots free casino games with bonuses runs on an independent in-game currency known as G-Coins. In order to play our slots, you’ll want to keep a decent balance going and this guide will help you learn how to gain more free coins.

While we do offer other types of in-game currencies based around special events and promotions, G-Coins are your key to spinning. You will need G-Coins in order to participate in these events and collect additional currencies so you can play to win even more G-Coins!

Other currencies available include:

As mentioned, collecting these in-game currencies will help you complete events for G-Coins prizes so technically, they do help collect more free coins. Make sure to watch for special promotions that offer these events so you can participate and win!

How Can I Get Them in Gambino Games?

This article is written to provide a resource to our players on how to gain more free quick hit coins (you may want to bookmark it so you can come back whenever you need to). We have many options available for collecting but we’ll start with in-game daily bonuses.

Many of our daily in-game bonuses run on a 24 hour timer. This means that 24 hours AFTER you’ve collected, you can return to collect again. These bonuses include:

The daily spin on the G-Wheeelz is an accumulative bonus. Every day that you login and spin it, bonuses and bonus percentages increase and are added to your wheel win. If you miss a day, you’ll lose your progress and be reset to day 1 – so we advise not missing a free daily spin to win!

The G-Reels bonus is more exclusive because you can collect it more than once a day. The timer usually runs every 3 hours, but there are special promotions that reduce the time allowing you to collect more frequently! One of the more exciting features of the G-Reels is that on the 5th collection a mini-game will pop up giving a more “random” bonus that not only is bigger, but includes a multiplier!

Friend gifting is also a daily bonus collector that we’ll dive into more later. Just to touch on it here, you can collect and send free gifts to your Gambino Slots friends via Facebook Connect. You can earn more daily free gifts with more slots friends!

The Daily Bonus is a newer feature we’ve introduced that provides all sorts of different bonuses, but most importantly, G-Coins prizes. Each day that you collect you can expect a different reward but all apply to improving your daily spin fun! Make sure you don’t miss any collections or, like the G-Wheeelz, it resets to day 1.

Another nice sum of G-Coins can be found daily in the Shop. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll find a small button you can tap/click to collect coin rewards. This bonus is also available on a 24 hour timer, but is not cumulative. However, the amount does increase to accommodate leveling up.

Our hostess Gaby arrives every day to deliver a personal bonus. These Free G-Coins can be found in the Friends Gift tab of your Inbox. It’s available once per day.Shares or “brags” are a feature available to players who are Facebook connected. If you’re one of those people, you’ll want to make sure to share your achievements and big wins on your Facebook wall. Why?
FREE G-COINS! All your friends have to do is click the post and voila! It also works in reverse, if you click your Gambino friends shares on their walls, you’ll get free coins too!

Benefits of Using Gambino Slots Free Coins

Of course, the most obvious benefit of free coins is free play. And while this is the benefit to collecting, there is a downside – the “leg work”. Collecting free coins to play does involve logging in every day, checking the social media channels and making sure to share gifts with friends.

And while that can seem overwhelming to some who don’t spend a lot of time online, it is definitely worth it to play the most popular online game for free. 

In addition, collecting free coins means you won’t have to make any purchases in order to play – which is a pretty big perk in the world of slots! While you can purchase G-Coins and other items, it isn’t necessary to play and you won’t need to register a payment method in order to create an account like in real money gaming.

How Can I Share Free Gifts with Friends?

At Gambino free coins slots, there are 2 ways to share free gifts with friends:

In order to take advantage of friend gifting (giving and receiving G-Coins gifts), you’ll have to use Facebook Connect. Our platform has a direct connection with Facebook so this function can be available to our players. It is completely safe to do and only takes a few seconds. You can find the Facebook Connect button right in game or may be prompted from time to time in special messages.

Daily gifting is the more popular way to share free gifts with friends among our players. Once you have Facebook Connected, you will automatically be connected to friends who also play Gambino Slots. You can invite friends to play as well, which also gives a free coins bonus when they join! Every day you can send and receive up to 5,000 free gifts – the only limit is the size of your friend group.

We mentioned shares and brags above. Many players enjoy utilizing this feature in order to give and receive more G-Coins. When you hit an achievement, complete an event or land a big win playing jackpots, you will be prompted to share coins with friends. Make sure the box is ticked and the share will go right to your Facebook wall. All your friends have to do is click the post.

As they say, the more the merrier. And this is certainly the case with friends gifting at Gambino Slots!

How to Get Even More Free Coins: Tips and Tricks

We’ve gone through the daily in-game related free coins exciting features and now we’ll touch on the other strategies and tricks of collecting free coins. You can enjoy collecting with ease, but you’ll have to sign up for some, or have social media for others. Our social channels are public and easy to find.

There aren’t any types of cheats or shortcuts to collecting bonuses so in order to take full advantage of all our free coins resources outside the game, here are other ways to collect:

Make sure if you subscribe to receiving emails you have registered your correct email address. You will receive daily emails that give free spins and coin links as well as notify you of sales, special events, new games and promotions.

With regards to allowing notifications, when the prompt comes up, simply click “allow” and you will receive push notifications on the web and/or your mobile device. Make sure to tap or click the notification to be credited.

Gambino Slots offers four different social media pages. Unfortunately, not all channels give access to the free coins link feature, but Twitter and Facebook do. On Facebook, 3 posts are uploaded daily with free coins links and on Twitter there are 4 Tweets every day. Make sure to follow our pages and engage in the posts as they land in your feed in order to see them without having to manually go to the pages to collect.

The Best Strategy for Getting Other Daily Bonuses

One of the best possible strategies to maximizing your daily bonuses is to make sure and check in every day:

We recommend collecting the daily bonuses in-game first. This way, you won’t miss a day and can be assured your gifts have been sent to your friends. Even if you can’t play, at least log in to collect so your entertaining bonuses that increase by consecutive logins continue to increase. 

The links provided with the external collections are also timed, but they’re a little more liberal. For example, the links on Facebook and Twitter are valid for 3 days from uploading. Regardless, it is in your best interest to collect daily so you have easier access and see them in your personal feed as they get posted.

Overall, we recommend checking daily and setting a routine for yourself so you can collect them all!

Enjoying Yourself While Playing

As you can see, there are a multitude of tactics available to collect free G-Coins from Gambino Slots. If you follow this guide, collect every daily bonus and collect each link, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of coins to keep you spinning and winning! While it does seem like a lot to do, it really doesn’t consume too much time and you can be assured that when you do log in to play, you’ll have a full balance to relax and enjoy your favorite slots.

Make the most of your fun time with the hottest Vegas winning slots with free coins online and start collecting today!