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A wild safari adventure awaits on the best online animal free slots game: Big 5 Africa. Free Spins and jackpots are just a part of the thrill of this social casino game that was developed by Gambino Slots. Read on to learn more about this hit Africa slot machine and how you can maximize roaring big wins on free slots with no download and no deposit!

Explore Safari Slot Machines By Gambino

Gambino Slots offers a few animal themed video slots including this top slot Big 5 Africa. Situated on the background of the Serengeti and featuring the Big 5 animals of Africa: lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. This jackpot slot will keep you herding in the fun and big wins. Win up to 200 free spins or the Grand Jackpot. Or both!

Slot Info

  • Reels
  • Jackpots
  • Paylines/Ways
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins/Respins
  • Theme
  • 4x5
  • Yes
  • 100 Paylines
  • Jackpot Wheel
  • Safari Spins
  • Wildlife

How to Play


Set your bet size


Win up to 200 free spins


Trigger the Jackpot Wheel


Land a jackpot win


Share your success with friends

Big 5 Africa Slot Machines Free Spins

The free spins in the Big 5 Africa slot machine are called Safari Spins. When three or more Scatters land on consecutive reels, the free spins are triggered.

All participating Scatters will spin then reveal the amount of free spins each symbol is awarding. These numbers are totaled giving you the amount of bonus spins won - which can be up to 200 free spins!

Hit the Jackpot with Big 5 Africa Free Slots

There are a few special features to watch out for in the Big 5 Africa free video slot machine. Particularly the Jackpot Wheel.

Land the “Jackpot Wheel” icon on every space and the wheel will trigger. The first spin will determine if you win a jackpot or other in game prize. If so, an inner wheel spins to see which jackpot: Mini, Minor, Major, Mega or Grand!

Be Inspired by the Theme

If you’re an animal lover, then this video slot is for you. Animal themed slots are a safe bet when it comes to developing casino games. Some are created in a fun cartoon theme and some in a more realistic nature setting like Big 5 Africa. Either way, animal slots have proven time and time again that everyone loves this theme.

From housepets to wildlife, this motif brings smiles win or lose and Gambino Slots social casino offers many animal themed games. Cat lovers can choose from Cash Cats and Purrville while dog lovers run for Puppy Bowl. For more wildlife or great Africa slot machines, check out Gambino Slots’ own titles:

The beauty of creating slot machines in these themes is there is a lot to work with on the creative side. In addition, it’s pretty much guaranteed the players will approve so the best online casinos are sure to feature such games.

Whether you like roaring big wins from distant wild lands or cute and cuddly games to snuggle with your fur baby, you’ll find something to enjoy from Gambino Slots huge library of animal related titles.

Getting to Know Big 5 Africa Slot Games

Looking for the best online Africa themed slot? The search ends here with the Big 5 Africa casino game. This 100 payline slot machine was developed by Gambino Slots and is free to play. It boasts two huge bonus features in an animal theme.

Spin to Win: Jackpot Wheel

One of the bonus features included in the Big 5 Africa slot game is the Jackpot Wheel. This wheel contains multipliers and jackpots on the wedges. When the wheel is triggered, it’s spun once to award the prize. If it lands on a jackpot wedge, a 2nd spin is prompted to determine which type of jackpot you’ve won. So, how is the Jackpot Wheel triggered in this animal kingdom slot? You’ll notice small “Jackpot Wheel” icons on some of the symbols as you spin. When a spin ends and every symbol on the screen has this symbol, a wheel spin is awarded.

Safari Spins: Win up to 200 Free Spins

Triggering the Safari Spins is very much like triggering the free spins in most other slots. Land three or more Scatter symbols consecutively with the first landing on the leftmost reel. If the spins are triggered, all participating Scatter symbols are left on the reels and they change into rotating numbers. These numbers vary from 1-10. When the spinning ends, all numbers are summed together for the total of Safari Spins won - which can be up to 200 free spins! Additionally, extra lions are added to the reels during the bonus. And yes, in case you’re wondering, additional free spins can be won.

The Rules and Reels of Big 5 Free Slots

The rules of this wildlife themed slot game are pretty straightforward and easy to access. Clicking or tapping the small “i” to the left of the bet gauge inside the game will open the rules. Here, players can find information about the special symbols, how to trigger bonus features, winning paylines and how wins are paid. As we mentioned before, Big 5 Africa is a 100 payline slot game. This means there are 100 different winning combinations. All symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels on any payline beginning from the leftmost reel. Only the highest win per line is paid and all payline wins are multiplied by the current bet per line. Other important things to look over in the game rules are the symbols. It’s important to understand their role and how they affect your wins.

Please be sure to visit the casino slot game rules before you play or anytime during play should any questions arise. All of the games at Gambino Slots include this information. If you’re new to free slots and social casinos, be sure to view the rules. Even as a veteran slot player, it is encouraged since most modern online slot machines are being developed with quite innovative features.

Get Ready for Wild Africa Wins

Are you ready to become the king of Africa slot games? By now, you should be. Big 5 Africa is a top slot machine ready to herd in epic wins and feral fun. Special graphics dedicated to the theme provide a mesmerizing gaming experience. If you’re already a player at Gambino Slots, you can easily find Big 5 Africa online in the game lobby. New to Gambino Slots online free slot casino? Click or tap PLAY NOW anywhere on the site, install the app and get ready for fun! A substantial welcome package awaits to take you on a safari deep in the heart of Africa from the comfort of your own home. Join the wild life today!


What is Big 5 Africa Slot Machine?

Big 5 Africa slot machine is an exclusive 100 payline game available at Gambino Slots social casino. It is set in the wild bush of Africa featuring the famous Big 5 wild animals.

How do I play Big 5 Africa Casino Game?

To play Big 5 Africa, simply install Gambino Slots free app on any device, collect your welcome bonus and start spinning. You’ll also get plenty of free coins daily to continue playing.

Can I hit a jackpot on Big 5 Africa slot?

To hit a jackpot on Big 5 Africa slot, you’ll have to trigger the Jackpot Wheel. When the jackpot icon appears on every symbol, spin the wheel to win a multiplier or jackpot. Make sure you’re on MAX BET for max payouts!

Big 5 Africa Free Slots vs Great Africa Slot Machine.

The Great Africa Slot Machine game is a real money slot available in land based casinos. While there are similarities, the Great Africa Slot only has 30 paylines while Big 5 Africa has 100 paylines and is free to play online.

How to get free spins on Big 5 Africa Free Slots?

To hit the free spins feature on Big 5 Africa slots, you must land 3 Scatters consecutively and from the leftmost reel. More Scatters on the reels contribute to the amount of spins you can win.

Can I play this epic win slot online?

Yes! Big 5 Africa was created by an online social casino so it’s only available to play online - and it’s free! There are many other similar themed slots available at Gambino Slots and other online casinos.

How can I cash in my jackpot wins?

Since Gambino Slots is a free slots social casino, there are no withdrawals. The casino runs on an internal currency (G-Coins) which can not be transferred or converted for real money.

What is the minimum despot at Gambino Slots?

As mentioned, Gambino Slots is free to play. This means there’s no risk or obligation to making any deposits. Additional G-Coins and in game items can be purchased, but not required to play.

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