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Gambino Slots brings innovation and Vegas slots thrills to the online social casino world with epic hits and fan favorites like Reel Estate!

This slot is packed with exciting bonus features that will take you back with the look and feel of the Monopoly classic board game based slot. Get ready to own it all in Reel Estate slot machine!

Explore Reel Estate Slots Online By Gambino

Reel Estate slot machine is one unique Monopoly casino game that transports you right into the free online Monopoly board game. However, in this version, you won’t have to worry about a relative flipping the table when they lose!

It’s just you and the slot managing the properties and passing go. Play Monopoly free online with a Vegas twist today!

Slot Info

  • Reels
  • Jackpots
  • Paylines/Ways
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins/Respins
  • Theme
  • 3x5
  • No
  • 243 Ways
  • Game Board
  • Yes
  • Board Game/Monopoly

How to Play


Set your bet size


Max bet is best for bigger wins


Activate the Free Spins


Take turns on the Game Board


Win All when you own all properties

Online Reel Estate Casino Free Spins

There are 2 types of Monopoly casino free spins in the online Reel Estate casino game. Win 10 Free Spins and watch all property values randomly increase up to 100x their value.

Trigger 10 Tycoon Spins when all the houses are added to properties on the board. The values accumulated during base game are applied in Tycoon Spins unlike in free spins.

Features Of The Monopoly Themed Casino Online

Reel Estate free slots is so loaded down with features, it might be a challenge to list them all here! With 2 types of free spins, property upgrades, start bonuses, refunds, a bank bonus and more! There’s no end to the fun on this Monopoly game online slot. Read on for more details or, just start spinning and get ready to win all!

Be Inspired by the Theme

The original Monopoly board game has been a family favorite for well over 100 years. It began as The Landlord’s Game back in 1903 and has been through many evolutionary changes since then. With all of the variations and technological adaptations, even the original Monopoly board game continues to be a staple at family game nights!

In modern times, you can find the board game created with popular themes such as box office hit movie sagas as well as hit TV series’. There are also travel size and collector’s editions of the Monopoly game as well as tons of online versions that include the standard game as well as other types of games built around this theme.

From free to play apps to social casinos, you can play Monopoly online for free. With themed Monopoly free slots, it’s no wonder why so many casinos, land based and online, have chosen to include this theme in their slots collections. Melding the fun and nostalgia of a classic family favorite with the innovation of online casino technology - it’s the perfect combination for any slot player!

Getting To Know The Reel Estate Game Online

Getting to know the Monopoly board game online slot is the key to winning the game! While it is just you and the slot, it can still get pretty competitive. After all, what would monopoly be without that?
When you open the game, you’ll first have to select your game board piece. But don’t worry, if the piece you chose doesn’t feel lucky, you can change it! The pieces are also paying symbols in the game. 

The slot reels are surrounded by a version of the original Monopoly game board with houses on the right side. You’ll also see a feature to rotate the board if you’d prefer a different view. In order to move on the board, 2 Reel Estate dice and a regular dice will have to land on the reels. The number shown on the regular die will determine the amount of steps forward. When 3 Reel Estate dice land, 10 free spins are awarded.

During base game, anytime you land on a property a house is added and the property value increases. Once all 40 houses are added to the board, Tycoon Spins are awarded. Every scatter is a regular die allowing up to 3 moves per spin.

There’s so much to do in this online free slot machine Monopoly game, you won’t even feel like you’re playing a reel slots casino game!

The Rules & Reels Of The Reel Estate Slots

As mentioned before, online Monopoly slot machines are loaded with features and bonuses. While it’s best to review the rules in game, this slot review should help you get started. Like the in the Monopoly board game rules, spaces include properties and bonuses so it’s important to understand these specifics about the slot: 

Aside from some name changes and differences in the actual game pieces, it’s very similar to the original Monopoly board game. There are just a few differences in how you can win - all being in your favor when you play Monopoly online free themed slots!  

Get Ready To Play Free Reel Estate Slot Machine

By now, you should be ready to play free Reel Estate slot machine! With the classic board game theme and look and feel of Monopoly there’s lots of bonuses and epic wins to spin up! 

Jump in the game and spin up some dice rolls for the ultimate online tycoon fun with Monopoly slot games! New to Gambino Slots? Install the app on any device, collect the generous welcome package and level up to get spinning on Reel Estate today!


What is a Reel Estate casino online?

Reel Estate casino online game is a video slot created by Gambino Slots. It is available to play absolutely free via the app in Google Play, iTunes and Windows stores.

What is the jackpot?

While there is no jackpot in Reel Estate, there are several ways to accumulate big payouts. The Bank and Start bonuses are just 2 examples of accumulating bonus wins!

Are the rules the same at the Monopoly based game?

Generally speaking, yes they are the same as the monopoly board game rules. However, this is a stand alone slot meaning it’s single player so there’s no one to compete against. In addition, some rules (for example the Bank bonus) have been adjusted to award more bonus wins!

How to get free Monopoly slots coins?

To get free coins for Monopoly slots, log in to Gambino Slots to collect all daily bonuses. In addition, free coins can be collected via emails, push notifications, as well as on the Facebook and Twitter fan pages.

How do I play the Reel Estate casino game?

In order to play the Reel Estate casino game, you’ll need to install Gambino Slots on your mobile or desktop devices. Gambino Slots can also be played through Facebook and right here on the web via the site. To monopoly slots daily free coins are given in game.

How can I hit the Epic win?

To hit the epic win on the Monopoly themed online slot, you’ll have to move around the board as much as possible. Most bonuses are accumulative through advancing spaces. Passing Start and landing on the Bank will land epic wins for sure!

Can I withdraw my winnings?

No. Real money can not be withdrawn. Gambino Slots is a free to play online casino app. This social casino offers an independent in game currency that can only be played in game. While additional G-Coins can be purchased, they can not be converted to real money.

Can I play the epic win slot online?

Yes! You can play this version of the Monopoly themed slot online. While there are many versions of the game both on and offline, Reel Estate is exclusive to only Gambino Slots.

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