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Embark on an adventure through time with Gambino Slot games, the ultimate social casino boasting a treasure trove of over 150 free slots. Among these thrilling free slots lies the majestic Egyptian slot, Cleopatra’s Reign. Brace yourself for a rewarding gaming experience filled with free spins and exclusive bonus features designed to propel you towards monumental epic wins!

Explore Cleopatra’s Reign by Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots shines in the world of themed online slots with its latest Egyptian addition: Cleopatra’s Reign. Travelers worldwide can engage in this captivating adventure with free spins and exclusive royal bonuses. Discover more about Cleopatra slot machine free play for thrilling free 777 slots and exciting chances to win big!

Slot Info

  • Reels
  • Jackpots
  • Paylines/Ways
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins/Respins
  • Theme
  • 4x5
  • No
  • 1024 Ways
  • The Queen’s Bonus
  • Royal Spins
  • Egyptian/Historical

How to Play


Set your bet size


Trigger Royal Spins


Activate The Queen’s Bonus


Land Stacked Symbols


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Get Free Spins on Cleopatra’s Reign

In the realm of online slots, free spins are a standard and Cleopatra’s Reign upholds this tradition. Enjoy up to 30 Royal Spins and unlock more with a special bonus. In addition, The Queen’s Bonus is active during free spins adding stacked symbols, expanded reels, and symbol multipliers! Noble wins are just a spin away on this Cleopatra slot machine.

Cleopatra’s Reign Free Bonus Feature

The Queen’s Bonus is a somewhat new bonus feature in the free slot Cleopatra’s Reign. When four Cleopatra symbols land on a reel, they merge to create one large symbol. The larger the symbol expands, the higher the symbol multipliers become. A similar feature has been utilized in the respins bonus of Gambino Slots’ own Aztec Fortunes free slot game.

Getting to Know the Cleopatra Slot Game

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and this Cleopatra slot machine complies with this theory. With stunning graphics and beautiful characters, you’re sure to find an immersive, Las Vegas VIP slots experience. Players will continue to be impressed as they embark on a historical journey to different lands and royal ancestry while delighting in exclusive bonus features.

The Queen’s Bonus

Land four Cleopatra symbols on a reel to trigger this bonus. The four symbols will merge into one and a symbol multiplier will be drawn. Symbol multipliers are similar to regular multipliers except rather than multiplying a win, they multiply the symbols on the reels which will result in bigger fortunes! This bonus can extend across multiple reels which then increases the symbol multiplier amounts. For example - when the stacked symbols appear on three reels a x500 symbol multiplier can be won!

Royal Spins

Like other free spins in online slot games, Royal Spins requires a minimum of three Scatters to trigger the bonus round. More Scatters equals more free spins:

An additional 10 free spins can be won if they are revealed when the golden Cleopatra symbol lands. This symbol is exclusive to Royal Spins and corresponds with other bonuses available in free spins. In addition, this symbol is a collection icon and when three are accumulated, they are stacked on the reels and extended.

When wilds land during free spins, they will expand to cover the reel and a multiplier will be drawn - just like in The Queen’s Bonus during the base game.

This free Cleopatra slot not only offers visual amusement, but provides entertaining bonuses in the base game and free spins. While fortunes can’t be won with grand jackpot wins, there are plenty of other opportunities to build up a bank of royal treasures!

Be Inspired by the Main Character

Cleopatra, the legendary Queen of Egypt, continues to captivate imaginations with her remarkable story, making her a popular subject in various forms of media, including the world of online gaming. In the realm of free Cleopatra slots, players are transported back to the grandeur of ancient Egypt, where the queen ruled with intelligence and grace.

At Gambino Slots social casino, Cleopatra free slots offer an engaging experience, allowing players to journey through the Nile River's mystique and the marvels of the pyramids. The reels are adorned with symbols reminiscent of ancient Egyptian culture, such as Egyptian wildlife, scarab beetles, and hieroglyphic style fonts. As players spin, they are treated to glimpses of Cleopatra herself, a symbol of power and beauty.

The allure of these Egypt slots lies not only in the chance to win riches but also in the opportunity to feel connected to a bygone era. Cleopatra's legacy as the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, her intelligence, and her ability to speak multiple languages make her a fascinating historical figure.

In virtual Cleopatra free slots, players get a taste of the mystique that surrounded the Queen of Egypt. Whether seeking luck and fortune or simply indulging in the allure of ancient history, this game offers an exciting journey into the world of one of history's most renowned figures, Cleopatra.

The Rules and Reels of Cleopatra’s Reign Free Slots

Now that you’ve learned the basics of the bonuses and theme of Cleopatra’s Reign free online slot, it’s time to get technical. It’s important to understand the inner-workings of any game before you start in order to set a strategy or integrate your preferred play style. While the rules are clearly laid out and easy to access inside the game itself, here’s an overview of what you can expect.

That’s a general breakdown of the rules for this Egypt slots game. Of course you can find the full rules including the symbols’ functions and bonuses in game. Just tap the small “i” to the left of the bet gauge anytime!

Royal Wins Await on Cleopatra’s Reign

Embark on an adventure to ancient Egypt with the enticing new slots game, Cleopatra’s Reign. Whether you're a newcomer to Gambino Slots social casino or a seasoned player, this Cleopatra slot game offers exhilarating gameplay that’s sure to keep you entertained. Don't miss out on the chance to uncover ancient Egyptian treasures with a Vegas flair. Install the app today, collect your welcome bonus and spin for fortunes today!


What are Cleopatra slots online?

Cleopatra slots online are slot machines created in an Egyptian theme with the main character and symbols portraying the last ruler of Egypt.

How can I hit the jackpot at the Cleopatra slot?

Cleopatra’s Reign at Gambino Slots does not offer a jackpot feature. However, with The Queen’s Bonus, you’re sure to hit jackpot sized wins!

How to get free coins at Gambino Slots?

Free G-Coins can be collected from daily bonuses on login. Additionally, social pages, emails and push notifications offer free coins links.

How do I play Cleopatra's Reign slot online?

Cleopatra’s Reign slot games can be played at Gambino Slots social casino app. Simply install on your favorite gaming device and spin!

Where can I play Cleopatra’s Reign slot for free?

Gambino Slots is a totally free to play social casino app so this Cleopatra slot machine is free. Everyone is welcome to play at Gambino Slots!

Can I play the epic win slot online?

To play this epic win slot online, simply install the Gambino Slots app via Apple’s App Store, Play Store, Windows or via Facebook.

How can I cash in my wins at Gambino Slots?

Since Gambino Slots is a free to play app, there are no withdrawals allowed. G-Coins are an in-game currency that can’t be transferred.

What is the Queen's Bonus?

The Queen's Bonus is a special feature during the base game that creates stacked symbols and rewards symbol multipliers for bigger winning opportunities!