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“When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” When you’re at Gambino Slots social casino do as the spinners do - win! If fame and glory are your game, look no further than Rise of the Gladiator free slots game. Enjoy free spins and exclusive bonuses in our latest slot games as you conquer the reels and gain favor with the emperor. Prepare to be entertained and get spinning for Gladiator Gains and jackpot wins!

Explore Rise of the Gladiator

Special prize symbols prep players for epic wins in this free Vegas slot. With the riches of Rome up for grabs, there are tons of chances to hit it rich on 777 Slots! Enjoy the rush of gladiatorial combat as you spin for favor during free spins with the Emperor’s Reroll. Collect bonuses with Gladiator Gains and hit a grand jackpot for fortunes and glory.

Slot Info

  • Reels
  • Jackpots
  • Paylines/Ways
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins/Respins
  • Theme
  • 3x5
  • Yes
  • 30 Paylines
  • Emperor Reroll
  • Free Spins
  • Roman Empire

How to Play


Choose your bet size


Trigger Gladiator Gains


Earn the Emperor's Favor


Land a Grand Jackpot


Share your success with friends

Get Free Spins on Rise of the Gladiator

The free spins are not won the conventional way in the Rise of the Gladiator online free slot. Scatters will trigger a special shield bonus game. If the spear hits the shield with free spins, up to 20 free spins are awarded. During free spins, the Emperor’s Reroll bonus is activated that can re-reward all the prize symbols on the reels up to seven times!

Rise of the Gladiator Bonuses

There are lots of bonuses to win in this gladiator jackpot slot! Land 3 Scatters to activate Gladiator Gains that awards free spins, multipliers and coin prizes or jackpots. The Empire Bonus hits when 3 or more prize symbols land, awarding all prize symbols on the screen even if they aren’t in a winning line! Ready for more details? Read on to unlock the fun!

Getting to Know Roman Casino Games

Battle to secure your fame in this gladiator slot machine. Rise of the Gladiator is a premium video slot developed by Gambino Slots social casino. It’s completely free to play with no download or registration required. Rise of the Gladiator online game is brimming with exclusive bonus features that are entwined within the base game play.

Empire Bonus

The Empire Bonus is triggered when three prize symbols land on the reels. Then, all prize symbols on the screen are awarded even if they are not part of a winning line.

Gladiator Gains

This bonus is triggered when three scatters land on reels 1, 3 and 5. A screen with shields will replace the reels and one will be randomly hit with a spear. The type of prizes won will start to drop. Once all the prize types have landed they will be revealed and awarded. These prizes include:

The Gladiator Gains bonus feature is only available during the base game.

Free Spins

As mentioned above, free spins are won with the Gladiator Gains bonus. Up to 20 free spins can be won with extra prize symbols added to the round. Also during free spins, the Emperor’s Reroll feature is available. Randomly, when the Empire Bonus is triggered, the Emperor will appear. When he gives a thumbs up, the winning prize symbols reroll and are awarded again. This can happen up to seven times until the Emperor gives a thumbs down.

As you can see, there is no shortage of bonus wins and entertainment in this free Vegas Slots game. Give it a spin!

Be Inspired by Gladiator Games

The theme of the Rise of the Gladiator is from old Rome or the Roman Empire. Much of modern society is run by the outlines of the structured government of ancient Rome which was built on the foundation of the Roman Republic. Public games and entertainment, politics, social structure and social classes were all brought to the forefront for western civilization thanks to this time period.

Based on what we know about this significant period in history, the Romans were mighty and successful. This helps in creating an exciting free slots machine. Having such a background, this historical period of time has settled itself comfortably in the gambling world.

It might be due to the richness of the elite in the empire, its centuries of success or the simple fact that the Romans loved gambling. Regardless, many casinos and game developers always make room for the mighty Romans. From Caesar's Palace Penny Slots in Las Vegas all the way to Rise of the Gladiators at Gambino Slots, the Roman Empire slots theme brings excitement, winning and glory to all slots fans.

The Rules and Reels of Gladiator Free Slots

At Gambino Slots, it’s important that players understand how everything works. Here is a summary of the rules of Rise of the Gladiator, which can also be found in the game for more details.

Rise of the Gladiator is a 30 payline slot game. All symbols pay from the leftmost reel to the right and only the highest win per payline is paid. This epic gladiator jackpot slot boasts several special symbols:

There are jackpots in the game as well which can be viewed above the reels. These jackpots are stand alone, meaning only you contribute to them, and they are also progressive in that they are always growing. Whatever bet you choose to play on will affect the jackpot amounts so in order to hit the biggest jackpots, set your bet size to max.

All game rules and pay tables can be found inside the game. Simply look to the left of the bet gauge and click the small “i”. This will open the games rules pages for you to view at your leisure.

Get Ready for Glory on Free Gladiator Games

Don’t miss the battle! Rise of the Gladiator is full of Vegas style bonuses and huge jackpots in a colosseum setting during the glory of Rome. Grab your sword and shield and start spinning today.

New to Gambino Slots? No problem! Click the PLAY NOW button anywhere on the website, install the app and collect your generous welcome package. Then prepare for victory and fortunes!


What are Rise of the Gladiator slots online?

Rise of the Gladiators is a free slot game developed by Gambino Slots online social casino. It includes several unique bonus features and is set during the Roman Empire.

What is the jackpot?

A jackpot is a prize that can be won on slot games. In this gladiator slot, the jackpots are stand alone and progressive. They can be viewed above the reels and are affected by your bet size.

How can I hit the jackpot on Gladiator slots?

To hit the jackpot in this online video slot, watch for the jackpot symbols. They are gold coins with the types of jackpots on them. Jackpots can be won when those coins land on a winning payline.

How to get free coins at Rise of the Gladiator free slots?

To get free coins to play this gladiatos online slot, players can claim daily bonuses in game, collect from Gambino Slots social channels, invite friends or from emails and notifications.

How do I play the Rise of the Gladiator game?

To play the Rise of the Gladiator game simply install Gambino Slots app on your preferred device. The app can be found at any app store or you can play right here from the site.

What is the Emperor Reroll?

The Emperor Reroll is a bonus feature within free spins. The Emperor will randomly appear on a win giving a thumbs up and rerolling the winning symbols up to seven times.

Where can I play Gladiator games online for free?

Gambino Slots offers several gladiator themed games for free. Players who enjoy slots in the roman casino theme can play Rise of the Gladiator and Gladiators slot free at this social casino.

Can I play the epic win slot online?

Yes! The Rise of the Gladiator slot machine is only available to play online. The Roman Empire theme is popular among game creators so this motif can be found in real casinos as well.

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