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Howdy partner, welcome aboard to Gambino Slots free slots, where you can win big in Outlaw Express. This western slot machine is part of our Hollywood slots, and will have you jumpin’ in yer boots! Come on down to our social casino and give our slot machines a spin. There's (virtual) gold coins in them slots!


Gambino Slots free online slots are here with a new Western slot machine. Players can win big with Outlaw Respins and Express Bonuses in this Hollywood-themed Wild Wild west slot dubbed Outlaw Express. You never know which character-like bonus lands in our slots; it’s all part of the fun aboard this steampunk train world. Gambino Slots has more than 150 slots to choose from, and Outlaw Express is our newest game for all adventure and Western lovers. Hop on, we won’t bite ya!

Slot Info

  • Reels
  • Jackpots
  • Paylines/Ways
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins/Respins
  • Theme
  • 4x7
  • No
  • 50
  • Express Bonus
  • Outlaw Respins
  • Wild West / Steampunk / Train



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In Outlaw Express, you can win Outlaw Respins and Express Bonus. Land 4-5 Bonus Symbols on any of the 5 reels to trigger the Express Bonus. 

Outlaw Respins trigger when landing 6 or more bonus symbols in this Western slot machine. 

If you find the Special Bonus Symbols, you will be awarded bigger bonuses according to each type: Reviver, Sniper, Gunner, and Collector.


Outlaw Express has a special bonus feature Outlaw Respins. Land 6 or more bonus symbols in any of the 5 reels to unlock it. When landing Outlaw Respins, you get up to 2 more free reels, 1 from each side, and the bonus symbols you land stick. You can win Epic multipliers in Outlaw Express, which is one of our free online Wild West games.


Saddle up and strap in. Outlaw Express, an online free slots game, will be the ride of a lifetime. It features Special Bonus Symbols and delightful charters that multiply your wins and bonuses. In this slot, it’s a rootin’ tootin’ son of a gun Wild West penny slots, and this train ain't stopping for nothing.

Express Bonus

When you spin and land 4-5 Bonus Symbols on any of the 5 reels, you trigger the Express Bonus. When triggered, it multiplies your score according to the numbers or the Special Bonus Symbols. Special prizes are applied, and all prizes on the screen are paid out.

Special Bonus Symbols

Special Bonus Symbols act once and turn inactive afterward. Here are the 4 types:

Collector Special Bonus Symbols - Collects all prizes on the reels and adds them to their own value.

If there are 2 active Collector Special Bonus Symbols, they also collect from each other.

Sniper Special Bonus Symbols - Doubles the values of another 3 to 8 Bonus Symbols. It can be applied to one symbol multiple times.

Gunner Special Bonus Symbols - Reveals a value up to x10 and targets one randomly picked symbol, adding the revealed value 3 to 10 times.

Revivor Special Bonus Symbols - Reactivates 1 to 5 already used Special Bonus Symbols. The same symbol may be targeted several times.

Outlaw Respins

Land 6 or more Bonus Symbols to trigger Outlaw Respins on the train slot machine.

3 Respins are awarded.

All positions that are not Bonus Symbols become independent reels and will respin. On each spin, they can only land on Bonus Symbols or Blank.

All Bonus Symbols are held.

When new Bonus Symbols land, the respin counter resets to 3 respins.

If a reel is filled with Bonus Symbols, a new empty reel is opened. 2 additional reels can be unlocked during the round for up to 7 reels total!

When the screen is full or no respins are left, all prizes are paid out, and multipliers are applied to the total bet in Outlaw Express, one of the players’ favorite Wild West slot machines.

Gold Bonus Symbols

Act every spin during Respins feature.


Replaces all symbols except Bonus Symbols


There is no Jackpot feature in Outlaw Express.


Gambino Slots aims to bring all our players the best slot games. This is why we have Hollywood slots, Wild West game slots, themed slots, and more.

Outlaw Express is no different, bringing creative steampunk with the Wild Wild West. Our online free slots fun train slot machine can land players EPIC multipliers with Express Bonus and Outlaw Respins. Players get to learn and win all of our Special Bonus Symbols in each spin.

Spin the reels and bask in wondrous graphics and sounds from the old west, with a touch of steampunk technology, while you earn big wins on our slot machines. It’s like riding on an actual train chased by bandits, the thrill is reel! Outlaw Express has style for days on all tracks. This train isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Landing Outlaw Respins trigger a special round where you can get up to 7 reels and big wins, depending on the Special Bonus Characters you land. Of course, just like traditional slots, we have wilds, big wins, and conventional symbols are replaced with our heroes: Gunner, Collector, Sniper, and Revivor, each equipped with special attributes. What are you waiting for?


Outlaw Express is a fun and exciting online free slots game that can excite every player for the next spin. When those reels land, you never know what you’ll get. We swear that it sometimes feels like a high-speed bandit chase.

Outlaw Express is a 50 payline game.

All symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels on any payline beginning from the leftmost reel.

Only the highest win per line is paid.

All payline wins are multiplied by the current bet per line.


Landing 4-5 Bonus Symbols trigger Express Bonus

Landing 6 or more Bonus Symbols trigger Outlaw Respins

Each bonus gives you a chance to multiply your score.

Take time to learn the pay table and understand the paylines wins. In this Wild West slots game, the best tips and tricks will be accumulated over time. Don’t bet big right from the start. Understand the rules, bonuses, and how to win them. 

There is no need for a ticket in this train slot machine; just have fun! It’s all about style, steampunk, and fast, exciting trains. Are you ready for the train ride of your lifetime?


Have you ever wanted to feel like you’re in a high-budget western with bandits chasing you from every way you ride the tracks? Well, now you can. Outlaw Express Slots is an online free Wild West slot that encourages you to spin the western slot machine. It plays like 777 slots and wins like traditional slots but with a Western steampunk atmosphere and incredible multipliers in every spin. Outlaw Respins introduces exciting new charters, and Express Bonus wins a one-time special multiplier. Are you excited yet? The fun train is leaving the station.


What is Outlaw Express train slot machine online?

Outlaw Express is a train casino game with free online slots set in a Western backdrop. Here, you actually want to meet the Special Bonus bandit characters to win multipliers.

How can I hit the jackpot at the Outlaw Express Wild West slots?

There isn’t a Jackpot feature in our Wild West game Outlaw Express, but you can earn BIG, MEGA, and EPIC multiplier wins with our special Bonuses: Express Bonus and Outlaw Respins.

How to get free coins at Outlaw Express free slots? 

Gambino Slots social casino offers many ways to earn free coins. Follow our social media channels for daily rewards, spin the G-Wheel daily, turn on notifications on your mobile, and more.

Where can I play Outlaw Express Free Western slot machine?

You can play on our website, Gambino Slots, on Facebook, and find the steampunk casino slots in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android devices.

How do I play the outlaw slot machine?

Outlaw Express is an amazing 50-payline game. All symbols pay left to right on succeeding reels on any payline starting from the leftmost reel. In Outlaw Express, the highest win per line is paid exclusively. All payline wins are multiplied by the current bet per line.

Can I play the epic win slot online?

Yes, you can. Outlaw Express is part of our Wild West games and slot machines series, and you can play this steampunk casino train slots without no download on Facebook and our website.

Is Outlaw Express played with real money?

No. All of our free slots at Gambino Slots are played with G-Coins, our virtual currency. You are never risking real money. It's just for fun and excitement.

Is there a respins feature in steampunk casino games?

Yes. Outlaw Express has the Outlaw Respins feature that can land you Big Wins and multiplier bonuses. Trigger them by landing 6 or more special symbols.

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