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Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins is our latest free slots game at Gambino Slots social casino. It is part of our themed free slots, mainly Chinese slots. Chinese slot machines focus on free slots with bonus features and a little luck. Win big and have fun.

Chinese Slot Machine By Gambino Slots

Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins free slots is a delightful addition to our themed Asian slots, that will put a smile on our players' faces and delight them. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Chinese slots games, featuring Chinese symbols and exciting slot bonus rewards. Players can win free spins by landing 1 of 4 Special Wild Symbols on the correct reels and trigger Lucky Spins. 

Slot Info

  • Reels
  • Jackpots
  • Paylines/Ways
  • Bonus Feature
  • Free Spins/Respins
  • Theme
  • 4X5
  • Yes
  • 50
  • Extra Wilds
  • Free Spins
  • Chinese / Asian

How To Play Free Asian Slots


Set Your Bet Size


Spin The Reels To Land Lucky Spins


Trigger all Extra Wilds


Win Big


Share Your Success With Friends

Get Free Spins On Lucky Twins Slots Game

Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins free slots is part of themed Asian slots and is all about those crazy Extra Wilds. Landing Extra Wild Symbols (Colored Gongs) activates Lucky Spins, which are free spins. Each colored Wild symbol gives special bonuses during Lucky Spins. Landing Red Wild Symbol unlocks a letter to bring you to the jackpots. Blue Wild Symbol rewards different prizes. Green Wild Symbol adds more Gold Wild symbols to the reels, and the Gold Wild Symbol adds up to 5 extra spins. Maximizing your winnings strategies for playing online slots is achieved by reading our paylines carefully and thoroughly on our online Chinese slots. 

Asian Spins Slot Machine Features

We added special features to the Lucky Twins slots in addition to classic slots bonuses. Win lucky spins by landing Extra Wild Symbols on our Asian Slots. During Lucky Spins, bank more bonuses according to each colored Wild Symbol. Exploring the evolution of slot games of Asian themed slots and Chinese themed slots leads to the conclusion that the focus is on luck but also big wins and jackpots. 

Getting To Know Chinese Themed Slots

Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins free Asian slots game, pushes the envelope when it comes to online Asian themed slots. When building these Chinese slots games, we looked into the psychology behind slot machine design to maximize fun and enjoyment through design. Gambino Slots offer over 150 slots, and we have many more themed slots in addition to Chinese Slots slot machines.

Let’s dive into the rewards, bonuses, and special features you gain when playing:

Lucky Spins

Land any 3 of the Extra Wilds Symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5 to trigger 10 Lucky Spins that pay 1XTB.

Extra Wilds

Red Wild Symbol

Reveals a Jackpot Collect Letter.

Complete the Jackpot name to win.

Blue Wild Symbol

Reveals a Prize or blank. All Prizes are awarded, and a new set of prizes or blanks will be revealed. 

Green Wild Symbol

Randomly adds Gold Wilds to the reels.

Gold Wild Symbol

Reveals up to 5 extra spins.


There are 4 Jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. Win them by landing Red Wild Symbols and completing the Jackpot Collect Letters.

Be Inspired By The Chinese Slots Games Theme

Feeling Lucky yet? Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins free slots game is part of Gambino Slots traditional Chinese slot machines collection. The collection features some of the best online Chinese games, with dragon and Asian elements scattered throughout and discovered via gameplay and determination. 

We love hearing feedback from our players, especially for our themed slots, so we can continue to bring more fun and adventure, and of course, big wins. With our over 150 slots at Gambino Slots, there’s fun all around, you just have to find it.

The Rules & Reels Of The Fu Gong 2 Free Slots Game

Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins free online slots is our newest thrilling no download slot machine. Unlike free cosmo slot machine games, Chinese Slots offer more. The more you play and spin the reels, the better you can find the right play to help you win big.

For beginners, we recommend starting with small bets. This will help you discover all the tips and tricks hidden in our video slot machines. When you aren’t thinking about the rewards and prizes, you can build your strategy and understand all the rules. It will help you further down the line to find how to unlock the special features and, of course, free spins.

Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins is a 50 payline slot.

All symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels on any payline beginning from the leftmost reel.

Only the highest win per line is paid.

All paylines wins are multiplied by the current bet per line.


Landing 1 of 4 Extra Wild Symbols on the reels triggers 10 Lucky Spins. During Lucky Spins, all Extra Wilds give out different bonuses based on their color. The Extra Wilds are Red Symbol, Blue Symbol, Green Symbol, and Gold Symbol.

During Lucky spins, landing the Blue Symbols Collects Jackpot Collect Letters. When completing All Jackpot Collect Letters, you win the Jackpot.

Play Asian Slots for Free

Did you ever think about what it would be like to be in ancient Chinese times where luck was more than enough, and you could hear the sound of the mighty gong? Look no further than our Asian slots. Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins free slots no download. We help you relieve the fantasy and make the adventure come to life. Our online Chinese slots keeps the fun while honoring traditional slots’ classics, like free spins and jackpot. You can read more about our slot machines on our blogs, but know that we continually push our slot machines to the limit and then some; this is why we keep bringing unique bon.


How To Get Free Coins At The Fu Gong 2 Free Slots?

Gambino Slots free online lucky twins slot provides many ways to earn free coins. Follow all our social media channels for daily rewards, bank the daily in-game bonuses, enable notifications on your mobile, and more.

How Can I Hit The Jackpot At The Lucky Twins Slots?

Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins slot machine offers 4 different Jackpots. By completing Jackpot Collect Letters, you can win the specific completed Jackpot.

Is It Possible To Stop The Reels On A Favorable Combination?

No. When playing Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins, you can stop the reels when spinning and spotting a favorable combination, but even when stopping, the reels on the slots spin out a bit more before stopping.

Where Can I Play Fu Gong 2 Free Asian Slots?

You can download Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins social casino from all popular stores on mobile (Google Play, Apple App Store) and PC (Microsoft Store), and you can play our online casinos practically anywhere.

What is the most I can bet on Asian Themed Slots?

When playing slot machines, your maximum bet size is determined by many factors, such as experience, duration of play, type of game, and more. A general rule of thumb is "play more to bet more," but this can also change.

What Is The Fu Gong 2 Slot Machine Online?

Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins is a free online game. Unlock our Lucky Spins and hit all 4 jackpots while having fun and spinning the reels.

How Do I Play The Chinese Slot Machine?

Fu Gong 2: Lucky Twins Chinese slots is a 50 payline game. All symbols pay left to right on succeeding reels on any payline starting from the leftmost reel. The highest win per line is paid. All payline wins are multiplied by the current bet per line.

Are Online Slots Safe?

Yes. All of Gambino Slots free no download slots are played with a virtual currency called G-Coins. It is safe because you are never risking your real money. It's only for the thrill of virtual wins.

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