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Sweepstakes Casino VS Social Casinos

Playing casino games is fun, but it’s inconvenient to travel to the casino. Sweepstakes casino and social casino play models allow players to get the same experience from their computer or smartphone, and they also offer free play. Instead of using money, these casinos use virtual coins, much like the tokens used in arcades. A sweepstakes casino lets players use their winnings to get sweeps coins, which increase their chance of winning prizes. However, this style of play isn’t available in all states. Social casinos focus more on social gaming and availability. They’re legal across the United States. Both kinds of casinos have rapidly grown in popularity as regular casinos depend more and more on technology. That means you can get the same gameplay experience from your phone or computer.

Regular Casino Sweepstakes Casino Social Casino
Bet money to win money Earn entries in casino sweepstakes Rewards only extend playing
Video machines with some live play Video-based machines on smartphones and computers Video-based machines on smartphones and computers
Only legal in a few states and jurisdictions Legal in most states Legal everywhere

Sweepstakes Casinos Comparison

Looking for the best online sweepstakes casino? Here’s a list of the most popular online sweepstakes casinos today, along with their sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus and online ratings. Remember that odds vary between sweepstakes, so getting a large number of sweeps coins doesn’t necessarily mean you have a greater chance of winning.

Sweeps Casino Trustpilot Rating Welcome Bonus
Pulsz Sweepstakes 4.4 5,000 free Gold Coins and 2.3 Sweeps Coins to use on slots and table games
WOW Vegas Sweepstakes 4.1 4.5 SC and 8,500 WOW Coins
McLuck Sweepstakes 3.8 7,500 Gold Coins and 2.5 free Sweepstakes Coins
Chumba Casino 1.5 2,000,000 Gold Coins and 2 free Sweeps Coins
Crown Coins 4.3 100,000 Crown Coins and 2 free Sweeps Cash on sign-up
High 5 Casino 3.4 250 Gold Coins, 5 Sweeps Coins and 600 Diamonds
Stake.US 4.6 Use ‘COVERSBONUS’ promo code to get 250,000 Gold Coins and $25 in Stake Cash 2.5 1,000 Gold Coins and 021 Sweeps Coins no-deposit bonus
Fortune Coins Sweepstakes 4.7 1,230,000 Gold Coins and 3,900 Fortune Coins
LuckyLand Slots 2.1 7,777 free Gold Coins and 10 Sweeps Coins
Golden Hearts Casino 4.2 Use ‘PENNLIVE’ code for 250,000 Gold Coins and 3,000 Sweeps Coins

What are Sweepstakes Casinos & Social Casinos & How Do They Work?

Both casino types use virtual currency. These coins can be purchased, but there are also free ways to earn coins. This currency can’t be converted back into cash. A sweepstakes casino has sweeps. These are prizes given at random to all players, whether they played with paid or free coins. Machines are played to earn entries. These entries are called sweeps coins. A social casino doesn’t have sweepstakes. Instead, they focus on the social aspect of gambling. The casino is set up so players can talk to each other and brag about winnings. Machines in both kinds of casinos are the same. Most casinos have slot machines, and they may offer table machines, like poker and blackjack. Since they don’t need to be in a specific geographic location, these casinos can be online, allowing you access from anywhere.

Sweepstakes Casino Social Casino
Uses gold coins to earn sweeps coins to enter sweepstakes Rewards coins and spins to keep playing
Focuses on prize winnings Focuses on the gaming experience
Legal in most states Legal everywhere

Sweepstakes Casinos: A Legitimate Gaming Breakthrough

Sweepstakes casino real money and prize rewards are legal in most states, thanks to how they’re set up. Washington is the only state that bans casino sweepstakes outright. Other states, including Idaho, Nevada, Alabama, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia, have strict regulations on sweepstakes. These regulations may limit prize amounts, require government registration, or require bonds to be issued for prizes. If the casino doesn’t comply, it isn’t aren’t legal in those states. Sweepstakes casino games don’t use or reward money. However, entries into sweeps are earned by winning through gameplay or through sign up bonuses and purchase rewards. This means anyone can win the sweepstakes, even if they never spent any money. Winners are chosen at random, and paid entries have no advantage over free ones. Legally, winning this casino prize is the same as winning any other sweepstakes.

Facts About Sweepstakes and Social Casinos

Comparing Coin Systems: Sweeps Coins Casino versus Social Casinos

A sweepstakes casino has sweeps coins. These work like raffle tickets, giving you entries into the contest. There’s no way to buy these coins directly, but you can win them by playing machines using virtual currency you buy or get for free. Winners are chosen at random, leveling the playing field for paying and non-paying patrons. While there may be real money prizes, there’s no way to win them through gambling.  A social casino also uses virtual currency, but that currency is only used to play machines. The rewards add more gameplay time, whether it’s more coins or free spins. Thanks to this focus, playing in these online casinos costs less overall, while free players can play longer. If you’re looking for a way to kill some time and enjoy casino play, this makes a social casino the better choice. No deposit is required for either type of casino, letting you use your sign up bonus to try a few machines and see if you like the gameplay experience.

Profit Models of Sweepstakes and Social Casinos

While traditional casinos have odds that guarantee they always keep some of the money used in every game, sweepstakes and social casinos have free slots that use and reward virtual coins. To generate income, they sell ways to enhance the player experience. The most common profit generator is coin sales. These let you keep playing after you’ve used your free coins and spins. Often, sweepstakes casinos include sweeps coins as a bonus for their gold coin packages. These bonuses increase as the packages get bigger, increasing the odds of a win for big spenders. A social casino will offer better rates for larger coin purchases, or may include free spins as a bonus. These casinos also have in-app purchases that unlock new features. The most common feature is a bonus wheel that adds multipliers or rewards free coins, extending gameplay. Like casinos resorts, VIPs at these casinos receive special perks. Frequent players get added bonuses and access to exclusive games and forums. It’s also common for these casinos to have a high roller room for whales, letting them bet more on each game.  These online casinos sell advertisements and form promotional partnerships with other companies. They might run ads between play sessions, or use branded theming on machines.

What is the Purpose of Sweepstakes & Social Casinos?

What is fun about going to a casino? Is it the chance to win huge jackpots? Is it fun playing games? Maybe it’s just an excuse to hang out with friends. These alternative casinos aim to give players a similar experience to playing at a regular casino without the high cost or limited geographic access.  Using virtual coins gives players a way to experience the thrill of betting without the high cost or legal issues of real money casinos. For those who still want to win something real, sweepstakes casinos give them a chance at prizes. If you prefer the social aspect of gambling, a social casino lets you interact with other players through forums and multi-player games. These casinos also don’t have a limit on the machines they provide. While a regular casino has to swap out old titles for new ones, a virtual casino can keep all of its machines online, so your favorites are always available to play.

Social Aspect

Why choose a free to play social casino over a sweepstakes casino? Social casinos focus more on the social aspects of gambling. You can chat with other players on forums and inside multiplayer games. There are also leaderboards that players can compete on and brag about their winnings, as well as ways to share your experience on social media. Since entertainment is their main priority, they also focus more on gameplay than other types of casinos. That means you’ll see more experimentation with games, giving you new ways to play.

Sweepstakes Casinos Rules

Sweepstakes rules are the same for an online casino as they are for any similar contest. There must be “no purchase necessary,” covered by a free alternate means of entry. For casinos, this means offering ways to get sweeps coins without spending money. The opening and closing dates for entries must be announced, as well as how and when the winners are chosen.  Sweepstakes run by casinos are illegal in Washington state. A few states, including Rhode Island and Florida, have special requirements for the organization holding the sweepstakes. The contest is legal, as long as the casino follows the state’s rules. These rules range from offering a list of winners to registering with state agencies and having a bond issued for the value of the prizes. Be sure to check with the casino to see if they’re legal in your state. Since a social casino doesn’t run contests for cash and physical prizes, they’re fully legal in every state. If they run contests, these are for virtual currency, which doesn’t fall under sweepstakes rules.

Legal Status of USA Sweepstakes Casinos

In most states, every USA sweepstakes casino is governed by federal laws from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The law divides competitions into three types. Sweepstakes have chances and a prize. Contests have considerations (paid entries) and prizes. Gambling has considerations and an element of chance going beyond random selections. By law, a sweepstakes must offer some form of free entry, state the odds of a reward, and include how and when winners will be chosen. Technically, sweepstakes and contests are legal in every state, but state law affects how the sweepstakes must be conducted. While this usually doesn’t directly affect players, online casinos need to comply with your state’s laws for you to be eligible. For example, Washington only allows sweepstakes for golf and bowling, making casino winnings illegal. Other states may have a law requiring registration or cash bonds for prizes. Any legit casino will state the availability of their rewards, including places where they are void due to their legality. Since a social casino doesn’t offer real world rewards, they’re legal everywhere.


What are Sweepstakes?

A casino that offers sweepstakes has prizes that aren’t connected to gambling. Instead, you can win a chance at prizes by playing games or accepting free offers. These casinos usually use two types of currency: gold coins are spent on machines, while sweeps coins are used as entries into the sweepstakes.

What is the Difference Between a Sweeps Coins Casino and a Social Casino?

A sweepstakes casino uses sweeps coins to enter a sweepstakes for real prizes. Winning these prizes is completely random and doesn’t require a purchase, making it legally separate from gambling. Social casinos only award virtual prizes, and focus more on the social aspects of casino play. Social casinos are legal everywhere, while play on sweepstakes casinos may be restricted in some states.

How Do I Win On Sweepstakes Casinos? 

If you want to know how to win sweepstakes, start by reading the rules. This will tell you when winners are chosen, how you can enter, and if you’re eligible. From there, it’s a matter of getting as many entries as possible by collecting sweeps coins. These are awarded by playing machines, and as a bonus for purchasing gold coins or starting an account. 

What is the Welcome Bonus at Gambino Slots?

When you open an account on our online social casino, you’ll get 100,000 G-Coins and 200 free spins to play free slots. Spins are good for 10 days, while coins stay in your account until you spend them. You are also eligible for all bonuses as soon as you start playing, including our bonus wheel and daily social media rewards.

How Do I Find the Best Online Sweepstakes Casino?

Every sweepstakes casino offers a different experience. To find the right one for you, start by seeing if you’re eligible for their prizes. From there, you can look at it like any other casino. Check out their payout percentage, their available machines, and their player perks. Be sure to look into their support options, in case you have problems claiming rewards.


Which type of casino is right for you? A sweeps coins casino offers an alternative to traditional casinos, while still letting you win prizes. A social casino is solely focused on what makes gambling fun, focusing on gameplay and the social experience.

Sweepstakes Casino Social Casino
Offers randomly awarded real world prizes Only offers virtual rewards
May not be legal in some states Legal everywhere in the U.S.
Focus on earning coins to win prizes Focus on social gaming and fun gameplay

Sweepstakes Casino VS Social Casino