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Ocean Social Casino vs Gambino Slots: Full Comparison Review

Ocean Casino Social is part of Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, although their online operations are based in Nevada. The resort company contracts out the development of their online arm, offering games from Pragmatic Play, High Flyer Games, GreenTube, NetEnt and Novomatic.

The backend, which handles accounts and casino credits, is managed by PLC, one of the leading developers in casino software. Currently, they offer 316 free slots and 44 free table games, making it one of the largest casinos of its type. Unlike the resort, Ocean’s social gaming has no cash betting or cash jackpots. This makes online play legal everywhere. Ocean Social Casino Review Ocean only allows play on their website. With no app statistics, it’s hard to estimate their player base. However, they have an average of 20,000-40,000 players online at any given time. Ocean’s online casino uses Virtual Site Credits (VSCs) to play games. Once players win 50,000 VSCs, they have access to the VIP room, which has 7 unique games. Bonus plays are limited, but they’re easy to collect. Players automatically earn daily bonuses when they log in, and there’s a bonus wheel available every four hours.

Ocean vs Gambino Features

While some online casinos connected to real world casinos offer some cross benefits, Ocean Casino Social is wholly separate from their Atlantic City resort. This US social casino offers daily bonuses on their website, plus additional daily bonuses for people who like their Facebook page. The casino also has a bonus wheel that players can spin every four hours. The design of the casino is good, if a bit generic. They offer table and slot games from High Flyer Games, GreenTube, NetEnt, Novomatic and Pragmatic Play. They also use PLC to build the rest of their experience, including credit purchases. While these are reputable companies, this outsourcing means there’s nothing that unique about Ocean’s social gaming experience. Ocean's standout feature is the number of pay lines offered in some of their games. Megaways free slots offer close to 120,000 pay lines. For comparison, it takes just 50,000 VSCs of winnings to open the VIP room. Table games are also offered, but they’re mostly rule and theme variations. Slingo alone accounts for 15 of the 44 games offered. Gambino Slots doesn’t offer table games, and they have a smaller number of slot machines. However, they develop games in-house. That means you get a unique experience, and everything is built to work together. Bonus spins can be earned by following the casino on several social media websites, and there are many ways to earn spins within their games. They also have apps for a wide range of devices.

Ocean Social Casino Gambino Slots
- Games licensed from several popular developers - Games made specifically for the platform
- Only playable on their website, but works with most devices - Play on their website, Facebook, or through apps available for most platforms
- 360 games with overlap in game types and themes - Over 150 unique titles
- Simple bonus system, with most free credits rewarded automatically - Several ways to earn credits through games and social media

Welcome Bonuses

New users in Ocean’s casino get 5,000 Virtual Site Credits, which act like coins. They also earn daily bonuses when they start playing, adding an additional 500 VSCs. The number of spins varies depending on how you bet. This could be dozens of spins on their free slots, or less than you’ll need to reach the maximum pay lines for one spin on their Megaways machines. The first credit purchase made by new users comes with a 600% bonus. Unlike many other virtual casinos tied to real world counterparts, there’s no way to earn comps or online bonuses using your player’s card. All other bonuses, including social media bonuses, and bonus spins are available from the start. Players who open a Gambino account get 200 free spins, good for 10 days. They also get a bonus of 100,000 G-Coins, which last until they’re spent on games. Like real world casinos, bets on these free slots are made with both G-Coins and spins. While the number of plays varies depending on bet amounts, most players will get around 300 plays from these bonuses alone. Other bonuses, including free spins from social media, G-Reels, and bonus events are available to players as soon as they start playing slot games.

How to Play/How to Register

There’s no way to preview Ocean Casino Social games. You must register an account first. Players must be at least 21 years old to register, and registration is only allowed using an email address. These games are only available through web browsers. Gambino lets guest users try their games before registering. Players must be 18 or older to register. Accounts can be registered through email or with the player's Facebook or Google login. Linking the account to other social media sites adds access to more daily bonuses, and gives players a chance to show off their winnings. There is no download and no deposit required for registration with either casino. Both Ocean and Gambino offer access to their casinos directly from their websites, while Gambino players can play their games through Facebook. Gambino also has apps on the Apple App Store, the Amazon App Store, Google Play and the Microsoft Store.

About Gambino

Since launching in 2015, Gambino Slots has steadily added to their collection of games, debuting a new title about every three weeks. Today, they have over 150 titles to choose from. These games are designed to cater to every type of player. Are you into cute animals, adventure movies, the wild west, royalty, or holidays? That’s just a few of the themes the offer. Do you like simple gameplay, or do you prefer games with multiple screens and bonuses? They have you covered. With an estimated three million players and a 4.7 star rating on both Google Play and the Apple App store, this is one of the biggest, highest rated online casinos. These free slots are available for every modern device, from desktops to smartphones. Players can get in on the action with no download by visiting their website or their Facebook page. Their casino app is also available for Windows, iOS and Android devices. While players can buy additional spins and coins, there are plenty of ways to earn free credits. These include bonuses built into every game, daily casino bonuses, and free rewards everyday on social media. There is no deposit required to use this social casino.

Ocean Online Gaming

There is no casino app for Ocean Casino Social on any platform, nor are their options to play through social media sites. Games can only be played directly from Ocean’s website, requiring no download and no deposit to start playing. Fortunately, their games are optimized for small screens, so you can play on the go with your smartphone. Ocean licenses games from several popular developers, which has helped them expand their offerings to 360 games and counting. While there are repeats with small rule variations, few online casinos offer so many games. These include table games, letting players switch between slots, cards, roulette and Slingo. Daily bonuses apply automatically when you log in, increasing over consecutive days. Ocean promises to add a leaderboard in the near future, letting players compare scores. While there is support available, there’s no live support option. That means it can take a while to sort out problems with your account or their website.


What is a Social Casino?

These free to play casinos offer the same gameplay as regular casinos, but no money changes hands. Players only bet virtual currency, and there’s no way to convert that currency back into cash. This makes them cheaper to play, and they’re legal across the United States. Online slot machines still have the same rules as regular casino slots, and they’re often made by the same developers.

How are these Slot Machines Free to Play?

Token purchasing functions like microtransactions in video games. It adds spins and coins to your account, but you can earn both through gameplay. Gambino and Ocean casinos also offer daily bonuses on social media. This means you can play games for free. Also, unlike video game purchases, there are no special perks only available by buying credits. Everyone gets the same experience.

What’s the Difference Between Browser and App Play?

You can play either of these casinos with no download by visiting their websites. Downloading an app to your phone, tablet or computer makes the casino easier to access, since it saves all of your settings and account information. Your account balance and winnings are saved to your account, so you can switch between apps and browsers without losing your progress. Ocean Social Casino operates separately from their real-world counterpart, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. By going with trusted developers, they’re able to offer a well-rounded experience, albeit one that’s a little generic. While other casinos may have the same games, Ocean has most of these alternatives beat with their large selection of titles. There aren’t many free play bonuses, but most can be redeemed simply by logging in. Gambino Slots doesn’t have the sheer number of games, but what they do have focuses on greater variety. There are also more ways to play, thanks to app support. Gambino offers several ways to earn free plays both in and outside of their slot machines.

Ocean Social Casino

Prosmark Conscross
Huge number of machines Games aren’t unique to the casino
Easy to redeem free credits No casino app

Gambino Slots

Prosmark Conscross
Unique titles Fewer titles
More ways to earn free spins and credits No Megaways branded machines