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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About How Online Slots Work

Welcome to the Gambino Slots Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About How Online Slots Work! This article covers many popular questions posed through the years regarding free casino slot games. You’ll find information to cover your queries on free online slot games. Everything from: tips on how to play online slots to what are the best free online slots. Take a few moments to read through before you get spinning and you’re sure to learn how to maximize the thrill of playing online slots!

Online Slots Overview

Gambling has taken on many evolutions throughout human history. With evidence of gambling dating back to about 3000 BCE. Queue 1894 - the invention of the first slot machine. Charles Fey pioneered a device that operated on 3 reels with one payline and only 5 symbols. In the following years, slot machines would continue to advance and become the most popular form of gambling ushering in the development of casinos and entire cities across the globe devoted to gambling.

How online slots work blog

The industry evolved even further in 1995 when Playtech developed online slots. This gave gamblers a way to enjoy gaming at their leisure. Their rise in popularity can be attributed to convenience as well as anonymity. Online and land based slots continue to keep up with technology which has opened doors to other types of gambling such as social casinos with free slots machines. Social casinos are a light in the darkness for many slots players who have found it difficult to game online due to the rise in privacy and security concerns. But this is not the main reason for the increased interest in free slots games. They’ve actually created a new type of gambler. Social slot gamers enjoy playing slot games free, the ability to compete against friends, hit mile-high win amounts and enjoy the freedom to play anywhere. Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s dive into the details of online slots and social casino free slots games

How Do Online Slots Work

How online slots work is a question asked by many as technology in general can be confusing. The simple answer is:

  1. Find a casino
  2. Pick a slot
  3. Choose your bet size
  4. Spin & win

For some, that’s good enough because as long as that works, nothing else matters. But it is important to understand the main mechanics of slot machine online games you enjoy playing. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the base tool in the makeup of online slots free software. The RNG is an algorithm that creates completely random results of each spin. Not only does this ensure fairness, but it helps create the sense of anticipation. Another main component in the unseen world of online casino software is the Return to Player (RTP). This is a percentage based number that tells players what percentage of their wagers they’ll get in return. For example, if you find a slot with a 96% RTP, it means you’ll get $96 back out of $100 leaving $4 for the game provider. The RTP does not determine how lucky a machine is. In social casinos or free to play slots, both of these components are utilized despite the fact that there is no real money involved. The main reason is that these two codes are embedded into the creation of all slot games. It also helps provide the same thrill that the risks of real money gaming provide.

Types of Online Slots

With all the innovations of online slots technology, came the development of several types of free slot machines. Players can enjoy choosing from a variety of styles. For example:

While there is a long list of slot types, they are all created on two base mechanisms: 3-Reel and 5-Reel.

Three-Reel Slots

A 3-Reel slot has 3 vertical reels and can contain one to five paylines. If you prefer a simpler more traditional gaming style, you’ll want to seek out three-reel slots. The symbols used are of the classic variety (bells, fruit, card suits). They may be lacking in the bonus features, but that’s made up for with higher chances of winning.

Five-Reel Slots

As slot innovation improved, so did slot concepts, opening the door to the 5-Reel slot. While increasing the amount of ways you can win, it also helped usher in bonus features such as free spins and other bonus mini-games. With the invention of five-reel slots, the possibilities of slot types became endless. Many of them create a more “video game play" feeling which makes them the preferred choice over three-reel slot games.

Strategies for Winning at Online Slots

In discussing the RNG earlier, we pointed out that slots deliver completely random outcomes. This poses a challenge to creating strategies that poker or roulette players are able to utilize in their gambling techniques. However, all is not lost. Here are some ideas on how to win on online slot games: Bet Size - this really depends on what type of play you seek. If you’re looking to hit the highest jackpots, set your bet size to MAX. However, if you prefer a longer gambling session, reduce your wager amount.  Game Rules - understanding the game’s rules is an important factor. Understanding the pay table and bonus triggers will keep you informed about what the game has to offer. Multipliers - finding a slot with the multiplier bonus will definitely increase your payout amounts. Many slots, particularly online, will feature multiplier bonuses. But not every free slot machine will.  Playlines - while more paylines or ways to win increase the frequency of payouts, fewer create higher payouts. Depending on which of these options you prefer in your online slots fun should be considered in your strategy. Making sure to maintain a responsible gaming mindset is key in real money gaming so you don’t find yourself going overboard. Even in free slot machines, considering your coin balance should be a factor in your method in order to maximize your experience in a positive way.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing Online Slots

The benefits of doing anything online often supersede the drawbacks.Here are some pros and cons to consider when learning how to play online slot games: Convenience - in today’s busy world, we’re left seeking out the easiest ways to deal with the day to day. This includes entertainment. Instant access is also beneficial to slots players who don’t live near casinos. However, too much of a good thing is not a good thing and the benefit of availability can be a detriment.  Flexibility - another benefit of playing online slots is that you can choose between free to play and real money. Free to play online slots are provided by social casinos as well as real money casinos who offer their games in demo mode or practice play. In land based casinos, nothing is free so if you run out of money, you’re done playing. Bonuses - with slots online free bonuses are readily available. Land based casinos have the option to comp their valued players with real world items like free meals and rooms for example. This is not an advantage available to online casinos so the bonuses and special offers in game need to be grander to provide the same type of winning feeling. Anonymity - let’s face it, gambling has gotten a bad rap over time and despite the fact that a majority of players are very responsible, there are a few that have problematic experiences. Because of this, people who don’t enjoy gambling tend to side eye those that do. Free slot machine games online offer people the opportunity to play privately to avoid conflicts with family and friends. This can create a drawback however, as people who do have a history of gambling addiction can hide it better.

Choosing the Right Online Casino Software Provider

Choosing the right free slots casino involves some research and as the popularity continues to grow, the options to play free slots are basically endless. There are ways to seek out the right one for you. With the world wide web it’s easy to find information about software providers, like checking their brand reputation and popularity via reviews and websites. With online free slots, it’s quite a bit different as there is no withdrawal of winnings. This eliminates the need for providing sensitive information as free casino slot games require no deposit. At Gambino Slots free online casino, you can play free slots with the generous welcome bonus and a tiered VIP program.

Tips for Choosing the Right Slot Machine for You

When choosing the right slot machine for you, it’s 100% about personal preference. With the countless slot types and themes available online, you're bound to find several that appeal to any mood or desire. Some tips to keep in mind while shopping around: Themes - slot games come in a variety of themes as vast as the entire entertainment industry itself. You can find historical and cultural based slots as well as movie and musician themed. There are also more generic options such as holidays and fantasy/sci-fi. Features - here you’ll need to apply experience so you can understand what types of bonus features are available. Don’t be afraid to jump around from slot to slot and seek out which features you enjoy most. Once you’ve identified your favorites, you can search for slots that offer them. Entertainment - this is the most important aspect in any gaming scenario - FUN. Despite your efforts in finding a slot based on your favorite movie series that has all the best features the thing to ask yourself is - am I having fun?

Responsible Gambling with Online Slots

Responsible gambling with online slots is taken very seriously. Whether you play in real money casinos or free slot play, understand your limits. All sites are required to provide easy access to responsible gaming rules and resources. In the event you find yourself in a questionable situation, it’s up to you to notify casino support to get the ball rolling and check into local help resources.

What are the Best Free Online Slots on Gambino

Now that you’ve learned everything you ever wanted to know about how online slots work, make sure to head into Gambino Slots and check out these top free slots to play for fun: