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How to Play 777 Slots Online

Let’s talk about the exciting world of 777 Slots. Whether you’re a new or experienced slots machines player, you may have seen the lucky number 777 used to symbolize the most popular free slots games.

777 Slots is a term that refers to any slot machine using 7 as one of the symbols you must line up to win a jackpot. Play 777 Slots, and when you get 3 or more 7s, you’ve won!

What Are 777 Slots?

777 casino games are one of the most exciting and profitable types of games you can play online in a real money or social casino.  Originally started in Las Vegas, 777 slot games became very popular due to the number 7 being considered lucky in many cultures. Also the number 3 is considered lucky by many, and by playing 777 casino games, you combine the lucky number 7 across 3 different reels.

As the world of online casino gaming has grown both in popularity, professionality and game selection, the number of 777 slot machines have also grown exponentially. Today, you can play many thrilling 777 casino games at real money and no-payout social casinos like Gambino Slots. Check out the amazing Gambino social casino selection of 777 slots today!

777 Symbol in Slot Machines

As touched on earlier, 777 slot casino games are likely so incredibly popular due to your solid chances of winning and their association with good luck or fortune. Traditions as far and wide as India, Medieval Europe and ancient Greece all ascribed the ability to look deeper and see natural harmonic patterns to the numbers 777.

Indian numerology associates the number 7 with the planet Neptune, which is all about dreams and feelings. This is interesting because casino players often rely a great deal on insight and intuition for the big win in their triple seven gameplay. 

Medieval Europe considered the number 7 to be a combination of the spiritual (3) and material (4) energies - which also fits together if you know how many 777 slot casino games players look for spiritual guidance to increase their material fortune.

It’s also notable that ancient Greek philosophers like Pythagoras also believed 7 to be special since it's a prime number, there are 7 days in the week, and there are exactly 7 distinct notes in the western musical scale. 

Whichever reason you connect most with, you should try your luck on the best 777 vegas slot machines around - absolutely for free at Gambino Slots social casino!

How to Win on Triple Seven Casino Slots

When deciding which slot machine to play, 777 slots offer some of the best jackpots around. But how can you win more when playing your favorite live casino 777 games? Although different slot machine 7s games might all have slightly different terms and conditions and bonuses, there are some things in common you should keep in mind if you want to play and win big.

First of all, you should tailor your 777 games play bets to the amount of time you want to play. If you wager too much on each spin, you might run out of money before your big win. However be aware that smaller bets could affect your chance to collect the big jackpot.

Progressive slots games always let you try your luck for the big win jackpot, if winning is important to you, look for live casino 777 games with progressive jackpots. On the other hand, when you play at a social casino such as Gambino Slots, you win big by not risking any real money - and by having a blast with your friends online.

Want to learn more tips and tricks to maximize your 777 payline? Whether you play for real-money or simply for big fun, learn more here about the benefits of playing slots.

777 Slot Machine And Luck

Mathematically speaking, there’s no such thing as “luck” in 777 casino numbers either in real-money online casino gaming or no-payout social gaming. Which symbols your triple 7 slots reels fall on have more to do with statistical math and algorithms than intuition. 

That said, a lot of successful players do believe that achieving triple numbers (777 casino numbers) in slots play and other good luck bonus combos are affected by the larger principles of good fortune and intuition.

Whether you choose to relate to either or both of these beliefs is up to you. However a sure-fire way to win at triple 7 slots each time is to log into Gambino Slots social casino where you never lose real money and you always have big fun. Check out this amazing selection of 777 slots and video slots online!

How Luck Affects Slot Machines

It should be noted that strictly and officially speaking, there’s no such thing as “luck” in either real-money triple seven casino gaming or no-payout social gaming, since all spins use an algorithm based on a non-biased Random Number Generator (RNG). An RNG is a highly technical computerized device which determines your luck on the reels based on a strictly unbiased RNG generated spins which keeps things fair in 777 slot games and makes sure that neither players nor the house can skew the outcome. 

But that’s not entirely true. Win more in triple seven casino gaming when you tap into your intuition! The exact moment you place your bet and press the button to spin affects which random number is generated by the RNG so though we can’t prove it, those 777 slot game players really paying attention to their feelings could definitely have an advantage over players who haven’t yet tapped into the potential of their 777 slot game.

Best 777 Slot Machine to Play

Which are the best 777 slot machines to play? Do you want to get started and play right away on one of the best no-download platforms available? Here are some amazing 777 slot machine faves from Gambino Slots that are definitely worth checking out:

  1. Jackpot City
  2. Samba in Rio
  3. Sugarland Blast
  4. Spins of Fortune
  5. Midnight Jungle
  6. Star Blaze
  7. Hot Hot Chilies
  8. American Eagle
  9. City of Wins
  10. Lucky Spells



Progressive Jackpots

Bonus Features

Diamond Hits 

3x5 Reels

  • Match 3 game
  • Free spins/respins

Outlaw Express

4x5 Reels


  • The Queen’s Bonus
  • Royal Spins bonus game

Luxury Living

3x5 Reels

  • Up to 25 free spins

License to Win

3-5 Reels

  • Diamond Wins
  • Super Spy Spins bonus game

Buffalo Buffalo

3 Reels

  • Up to 20 free spins
  • Torrid (accumulating) free spins

777 Slots FAQs

Q. How to play 777 slots?

Have I managed to pique your interest towards live casino 777 games? Do you want to get started and play right away on one of the best online no-download platforms available? Play 777 games right away with Gambino Slots is easy:

  1. Open in a browser on your phone or computer
  2. Choose the game that most interests you
  3. Mouseover the game image and click the link or the green “Play Now” button. 
  4. You can also download the Gambino Slots app for iPhone or Android and enjoy 777 gambling on the go!

Q. Why do slot machines use 777?

Slot machines use 777 since the number 7 is a well known icon and symbol for good luck and deeper insight across the world. Since many players like to use their personal intuition to play, the popularity of 777 games has only skyrocketed. 

Q. Why is gambling 777 considered lucky?

The number 7 has been known since ancient times from India to Europe as a symbol of divine insight and intuition. The reason you must achieve a triple seven to win in 777 slots real money games is because 3 is also considered sacred in many traditions - such as the holy trinity in Christianity.

Q. Are 777 Slots by Gambino Slots real money?

Because it’s a social gaming platform, 777 Slots by Gambino Slots doesn't offer 777 slots real money games. Although real money online slot machines might be available in your region, a piece of good advice is to learn and try your hand at 777 Slots without risking your hard earned cash first on a social casino platform such as Gambino Slots.

Q. What happens if you get three sevens on a 777 Slot Machine?

When you play 777 games you have the opportunity to win big when you get a triple seven - aka three sevens in a row. What exactly you’ll win depends on the specifics of the game you’re playing, whether it has a progressive jackpot available or not, and which bonuses it offers. 

Play Best 777 Slots Online

Have I piqued your interest towards 777 games casinos? Excited to get started and play right away on one of the best online no-download platforms available? Try your hand and win big at Gambino 777 slots games today!

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