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In the classic Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, the Treat is the Wicked Old Witch’s house, made of brown sugar and gingerbread and all kinds of delicious candy. The Trick is that the Witch has captured the poor children and intends to bake them in her oven and eat them. It is a terrifying tale with a happy ending, and now it all comes to life in the enchanting Trick-or-Treat free slots game at Gambino.

The Trick-or-Treat social slot machine has five reels and 243 Ways to Win. The main slot machine icons are the main characters in the Hansel and Gretel tale: the Wicked Old Witch, the little boy Hansel, his little sister Gretel, and the Witch’s black cat Sparkle. The Witch’s Hat is a Scatter Symbol that can give you a lucky 13 Free Spins in the social slots game, the Halloween Pumpkin is a Wild Symbol that substitutes for other symbols, the Candy Box is a Bonus Symbol that triggers the Bonus Game, and the Candy Corn is a Collect Symbol that awards a Jackpot when you collect ten of them.

There is no need to wait for Halloween. Come to Gambino Social Slots Casino any day of the year and relive the terrors and delights of a classic fairy tale while you spin for fun and G-Coins in the Trick-or-Treat free casino vegas slots game.


The Old Witch. Her candy house attracts children from all over the area, but her intentions are anything but sweet. Once she has them, she intends to fatten them up, bake them in her oven, and eat them for dinner. How will poor Hansel and Gretel escape her evil clutches?

Hansel. His love of playing games, exploring in nature, and eating sweet things somehow got him imprisoned in the cage of the Old Witch. Only patience, faith, and the ingenuity of his beloved sister Gretel can get him out before he becomes dinner for the witch.

Gretel. An adorable little girl, pretty in pink, she loves kittens and butterflies and twinkling lights. Nobody imagined that this sweet child would have the gumption to kick the witch into the oven and lock the door, but she rose to the occasion and surprised them all. And then she stole the witch’s jewels.

Sparkle. The black cat was once seen as the embodiment of Evil, but Gretel’s kind attention and soft caresses have brought Sparkle over to the side of the Good and made her an ally in the children’s struggle against the witch.

Scatter Hat. Many people believe that all of the witch’s evil powers derive from this attractive hat. In any event, there is no doubt that the Witch’s Hat has the power to give you — the social casino slots player — 13 free spins of the slot machine reels.

Wild Pumpkin. The universal symbol of Halloween magic and mystery, the Pumpkin casts an eerie glow over the unwholesome goings-on in the witch’s house. On the Plus side, this Pumpkin can substitute for other symbols and help you achieve winning casino slots combinations.

Poker Cookies. These sweet cookies, colorfully decorated in a poker-card design, helped to entice the children into the witch’s lair. No matter what you think of the witch and her evil plot, you can’t deny that the cookies are delicious.