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Seminole social casino vs Gambino Slots: Full Comparison Review

Seminole Social Casino launched in 2017 as an alternative to the tribe’s real world Florida Hard Rock casinos. This online casino offers free gaming centered around slots with a few table games.

Currently, they offer a total of 147 games. Since the only reward for playing is in-game credits, they’re legal to play across the country, straight from your computer, phone or tablet. This casino shares a lot in common with their other casino app, Hard Rock Jackpot Casino, released a year later. Both apps are totally separate from Seminole’s Hard Rock Bet app, which offers sports betting in the state of Florida.  Seminole Social Casino Review Despite operating one of the most successful casino chains in the world, Seminole’s online player base is small, with approximately 50,000 downloads on Google Play. Seminole’s slot machines are made by top producers of online and physical games. The casino also offers a few table games, including roulette and blackjack. Players can earn bonuses in-game, as well as through quests, which count up achievements across the casino. There are also daily bonuses and frequent coin sales. Members of Hard Rock Unity can earn free in-game coins and real world discounts by linking their account to this online casino.  Seminole Social Casino’s app is available on Android and iOS. Their games can also be played on web browsers through their website.

Seminole vs Gambino Features

The Seminole Nation’s partnership with Hard Rock extends to their social casino. If you have a Hard Rock Unity card, you can link your card with your online casino account for 100,000 bonus coins. Hearts earned in the online casino can go toward comps at Hard Rock resorts, including reduced room rates. Seminole Online Casino offers daily bonuses, “hourly” rewards that are available every four hours, and “watch and earn” bonuses, where you earn credits by watching ads. The casino frequently runs sales on in-game currency that last just 15 to 30 minutes.  Seminole’s social gaming features free slots from companies like Konami, Ainsworth, Everi and Novomatic. They’re similar to real world casino games, but they aren’t unique to this casino. Users who link their account to Facebook occasionally get to play new games or all available games for short time periods. Otherwise, players are stuck with 6 starter games, until they unlock more through gameplay and earnings. Gambino Slots gives access to all of their slot games at the start. They develop their own game in-house. You won’t see titles with movie or TV licenses, but these games are tailored specifically to their player base. Gambino’s US social casino offers daily rewards on social media, and they include several ways to earn more spins and G-coins in their games. Each game acts independently, so you can focus on your favorite to earn bonuses. There are no sales on in-game currency, so you won’t feel pressured to buy in or wait for the next sale. Seminole has pay tables in the menu option. Gambino also lays out the rules in each slot’s introduction page, so you can learn more before you start playing.  

Seminole Casino Gambino Slots
- Games licensed from popular slot machine developers - Unique games made in-house for the platform
- Multiple ways to earn bonuses through app - Multiple ways to earn bonuses through app and social media
- Earn comps at Hard Rock casinos - Rewards only apply to casino credits
- Only 6 games available at start - Some games available at the start. Level up to unlock more

Welcome Bonus

New Seminole players get 200,000 coins to start, and a free spin on a bonus wheel for extra currency. This reward ranges from 30,000 to 1 million coins. Linking an account to a Hard Rock Unity card, used in their real world casinos, adds another 100,000 coins. Depending on the slot games you choose, you will start with enough coins for at least 150 spins. If you manage to get the maximum bonus wheel reward and link your Unity card, you will start with 860 free spins. New Gambino players get 200 free spins and 100,000 G-Coins, the casino’s premium currency, to start. The free spins are good for 10 days, but the G-coins are permanently added to the account. Like Seminole’s coins, G-coins are used to place bets. This puts the actual number of free spins closer to 300. Both casinos offer daily bonuses, so you can start each day with a few free spins. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’ll probably get more free spins when you start playing Gambino Slots than you will with the Seminole Social Casino. Both Gambino and Seminole have a daily bonus that you can get, even if it’s your first time playing their free slots. Seminole offers their bonus directly from the casino, while Gambino offers bonuses both through the casino and through social media.

How to Play/How to Register?

Seminole Social Casino allows players to try out a few of their games as a guest. They offer two options for registration. New users can create a new, independent account with their email, or open an account through their Facebook login. Players must prove they are 21 years or older to register, since it’s run by a company that also handles betting.  Gambino lets guests play any of their games to try them out. Players must be 18 or older to register, and can do so through email, Google or Facebook. This account can be linked to other social media accounts to show off winnings and check for new daily bonuses. With both casinos, there is no download and no deposit required. Games can be accessed from any web browser. Both casinos offer apps for Android and iOS. Gambino also offers their casino app through the Amazon app store and the Microsoft store. Both casinos also offer the option to buy more spins.  Gambino offers spins separate from G-coins. These spins act like the free plays you get in real casinos. Seminole only uses coins to pay for spins.

About Gambino 

Gambino Slots is a social casino with free slots that can be played anywhere. While there’s the option to buy additional spins and currency, there’s no deposit required. There are also plenty of opportunities to earn free spins and coins through game play and by following their social media accounts. Since they launched their casino in 2015, Gambino has expanded their selection of games to include over 150 titles. These include basic machines with three reels up to full video slot experiences with bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. These machines cover a range of themes from the Wild West to mermaids and spy thrillers. They also offer a high roller room for players who want to wager more virtual currency. On average, a new game is added to their lineup every three weeks.  Gambino’s social casino is available on almost every device. These games can be accessed directly from web browsers with no download, either from their website, or through Facebook. Players can also install the casino’s app on Windows computers, iOS devices and Android devices. Their casino app is rated 4.7 stars on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It’s also one of the most popular casinos of its type, with an estimated three million players, and over one million downloads on Google Play alone. 

Seminole Online Gaming

While Seminole Social Casino has a small online presence, they’re backed by one of the largest casino chains in the world. Players can even earn perks by linking their casino account to their Hard Rock player card. If you regularly visit Hard Rock’s casino resorts, the perks you can earn on your player’s card are a nice bonus. It's one of the few casinos of this type to offer table games, and they carry popular machines from major developers. However, only 6 games are available when you open an account. Access to other games must be earned through gameplay. Games in their casino can be played with no download and no deposit directly from their website. Players can also download their casino app from their Android or iOS device. While support is offered, it’s only readily accessible from within each slot machine game. That’s understandable, since there are several developers making their games, each with their own support system. However, this can be a problem, if you’re experiencing casino-wide crashes, or you’re having trouble accessing your account. 


What’s the Difference Between a Social Casino and a Regular Casino?

A social casino offers the same gameplay as a regular casino, but players bet virtual tokens, not real money. While you can purchase in-game currency, these games are free to play thanks to built-in bonuses. This makes social play the best way to get the casino experience without betting, and it’s legal everywhere.

How Do I Play Online Slot Machines?

Each game has a rule set and a pay table that tells you how to get the best rewards and how to unlock and play bonus rounds. Online machines range from one-armed bandits to advanced video machines with dozens of pay lines and multiple bonuses. With so many themes and gameplay options available, there’s something for everyone.

Are These Slot Machines Really Free to Play?

While you can buy more credits, both Seminole and Gambino offer ways to earn free spins. You can win these spins directly from the machines as you play. Seminole’s quests reward players for meeting specific goals across their games. Gambino offers daily rewards on social media, so you can start each day with free spins. 

How Do I Start Playing in These Social Casinos?

Both Gambino and Seminole let users play directly from their website with no download, while Gambino also lets people play through Facebook. Apps are available for both casinos on the Apple App Store and Google Play, while Gambino also offers apps through the Microsoft Store and the Amazon App store. Once you register an account, you can play on any compatible computer, phone or tablet. 

How are these Online Casinos Different from Vegas Casinos?

Aside from using virtual currency, the games are mostly the same between real world and online casinos. Often, licensed games have identical gameplay between their physical and online counterparts. However, some bonuses may work differently. For example, Gambino’s progressive bonuses are only tied to your machine. The more you play, the more you can win from the jackpot. Seminole Social Casino offers an interesting alternative for people who enjoy playing at their Florida casinos. They have games that are similar to their physical casinos, and players can earn perks through their player card. While they machines from the most popular video slot manufacturers, this also means they don’t have anything unique on their platform. Gambino Slots focuses more on gameplay, building games specifically for their players. Most players will start with more spins on this platform, and earning free spins and coins is easier. Unlike Seminole, all of Gambino’s slots are available immediately. This casino is also available on more app stores.

Seminole Social Casino

Prosmark Conscross
Games from Popular Developers Games aren’t unique to the platform
Bonuses to Hard Rock Unity Slot machines have to be unlocked

Gambino Slots

Prosmark Conscross
Unique titles No rewards outside of the casino
All machines are available from the start No licensed slot machines
Simpler reward and purchase structure  
Available on more platforms