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Jurassic_Spins_slot_main_179An adventure that defies time itself! Join the famous scientist Dr. Malcolm on his latest experiment in this exciting free casino slots game. With the help of Jack, a sensation hungry journalist, and Samantha, the charming nature guide, Dr. Malcom will make dinosaurs roam the Earth again! The idea of the Jurassic Project is to reconstruct and breed the dinosaurs using Mesozoic era DNA samples! In theory everything should be safe, but with giant thundering lizards you can’t really be sure. So spin the casino slots reels, have lots of fun and win lots of G-Coins, but keep your eyes open.

The Jurassic Spins free slot games has 5 reels, 243 Ways to Win, animated graphics, and terrifying sounds. The insect petrified in amber is a wild symbol that replaces other symbols to create wins. Intrepid Samantha is a Scatter symbol who generously give you six, 20, or even 40 Free Spins with all wins multiplied by 2. Three or more Golden Dinosaur Eggs activate the Bonus Game that awards multipliers up to X10. And the Ammonite – an evolutionary ancestor of the conch shell – is a Collect Symbol. Collect 10 Ammonites in these free casino games and you win the Jackpot!
If you’re looking for free games to play that deliver suspense, danger, and excitement, just follow the rampaging dinosaurs to Jurassic Spins at Gambino. And for heaven’s sake, keep your eyes open!



Doctor Malcolm. Brilliant scientist, the original decryptor of dinosaur DNA structure, he has no idea of the potential terror that could be unleashed!


Pterosaur. This winged dinosaur ruled the prehistoric skies. The pterosaurs of the Jurassic Project have turned the area into a no-fly zone.


Jack. This brash young reporter thought the theme park assignment would be as simple as free bingo games. Then he found out the dinosaurs were real.


Triceratops. At 12 tons and with those menacing horns, you know he was a dangerous character.


Tyrannosaurus Rex. The jewel of Dr. Malcolm’s collection, the most fearsome dinosaur of them all, he was king of his prehistoric jungle.


Brush. For when you need that light delicate touch in the final stages of the excavation.


Venus Flytrap. Watch your step! In the Jurassic Project, even the plants are dangerous.


Flower. A part of Dr. Malcolm’s plan to reconstruct the full prehistoric environment: the flora along with the fauna.


Shovel. A simple tool, it is the best friend of any gardener, archeologist, and, of course, the dinosaur hunter.


Volcano. It embodies the immense power, the fiery glory, and the awesome violence of the prehistoric world.


Golden Dinosaur Egg. It’s very valuable, but be careful: Mommy Dinosaur doesn’t want you touching it.


Samantha. The charming nature guide knows how to deal with lions and tigers and bears but she has never encountered dinosaurs before.


Insect in amber. Ancient tree resin trapped the poor little bug and then hardened into amber, miraculously preserving his DNA intact through the millennia.

Ammonite. This ancient marine mollusk left us its fossilized spiral shell for us to admire and study. If you put the shell up to your ear, you can hear the waves of time beat against the primordial shores.