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Aloha! Come to Hawaii, that incredible earthly paradise of sun, sand, and surf. Enjoy the hula dancing, the ukulele playing, the luaus, the rich folklore traditions, the free slots casinos. And you don’t even need to travel: you can find it all in the comfort of your own home with the terrific Hawaii social slots game at Gambino.
The Hawaii free slot machine has a layout of four rows and five reels, an expansive array that creates an amazing 1024 ways to win on each spin. The slot machine images depict a sampling of the warm, friendly, and charming people you are likely to meet on your Hawaii vacation. There is also the Jungle wild symbol that substitutes for other symbols, the Drums scatter symbols that trigger up to 15 free spins, the Chameleon additional wild that appears only during the Free Spins round, and a Bonus symbol that triggers a terrific Totem Game where you pick the Totems to win lots of G-Coins.

After every winning spin in Hawaii, a huge wave crashes on the social casino game and washes away the winning symbols, and then new symbols immediately drop down to fill the vacated places. This is called Falling Reels and it allows consecutive wins during the same spin with a multiplier of up to x4.
So play free slots here at Gambino and take a relaxing, invigorating, sun-drenched Hawaii vacation without leaving home! What could be better than that?


Nalani. The most beautiful girl on the island, with the sweetest voice, Nalani greets visitors by singing them a welcome song. Alani loves her parents, her little sister, her brother and all her friends, which is pretty much everyone on the island — there are no strangers here!

Mano. When the waves are high, he’ll be surfing. When they’re not, he joins his sister Nalani in greeting visitors to the island. Her lovely voice and his pulsating maracas create a melody that will stay with you long after your trip is finished.

Alana. They say people never grow old on Hawaii and Alana is living proof of this. Despite his age he plays ukulele better than anyone on the island. When he’s in the right mood he even shreds the waves with the youngsters, giving free lessons to tourists.

Pualani. This wise old woman is the keeper of island’s rich history and folklore. She even remembers when the mystical totems were originally erected by the first tribe’s shaman and she will be happy to tell you all about it.

Lea. Pualani’s granddaughter, she is a handful that always wants to be everywhere while doing everything possible! Lea never believed in her grandmother’s stories, but the last time she got lost in the forest, she did see a totem move.

Jungle. A wild and exotic Hawaiian jungle awaits the brave explorer who dares stroll away from the beaches and the tourist attractions.

Drums. The pounding of these drums, along with the strumming of the ukulele and the shaking of the maracas, is what makes the uniquely charming Hawaiian beat.

Chameleon. The Wild Chameleon blends into the jungle, but if you search hard enough, you will see through his disguise! The Wild Chameleon appears only during Free Spins, turning any adjacent symbol into a Spreading Wild!

Legends say that the Totems will lead you to hidden treasure! No one has figured out how to use them yet, but the gold is out there! When the Bonus game starts, choose the parts of the totems to score big and, if you feel lucky enough, try again and again.

Cards. After the day’s activities, a game of poker in the evening makes your Hawaiian vacation complete.