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golden_unicorn_slot_main_259Take a magical trip into the land of the Enchanted Forest. You will feel as if you have entered into a dream when you join Princess Celaria and Prince Lancel on this fantastic free online social game slots excursion. Enjoy the serenity of the most beautiful land as the Princess and the Prince introduce you to the colorful denizens of the forest: Yellow Fairy, Courageous Lion, Wise Owl, Crescent Moon, Fluorescent Butterfly, Magic Mushrooms, Golden Acorn, Bright Flower, Night Lotus.

Let them guide you to the fabled Unicorn Grove, where the most magical creature of them all-the Golden Unicorn-frolics far from the intrusive gaze of mere mortals. And as you inhale the other-worldly charms of the Enchanted Forest, you will be spinning the reels and enjoying the finest of free casino slot games entertainment. The Golden Unicorn free slot machines have five reels and 100 paylines.
The Golden Unicorn herself is a Wild symbol that can replace other symbols to create more winning combinations. And the Fireflies: thousands of Fireflies have gotten together and arranged themselves into “Free Spins” Scatter symbols.

Three or more of these symbols, scattered anywhere on the casino slot machines reels, will give you 8, 12, or even 16 Free Spins in which all wins are multiplied by X3! Golden Unicorn quick hits slot is magical and mythical, and is among the most altogether enchanting online casino games. Come to the Enchanted Forest and meet the Golden Unicorn today!


Yellow Fairy. Tiny, lithe, and charming, she has magical gifts to bestow on those who are worthy.

Wise Owl. She knows all the secrets of the forest and all the ways of the wood. Follow her guide and all will be well.

Prince Lancel. As the bravest and handsomest knight, he won the hand of Princess Celaria and became the prince. Every day he travels to distant corners of the kingdom to make sure no evil disturbs the magic of this place.

Princess Celaria. She was given the gift of eternal beauty by the fairies. With Prince Lancel at her side, she rules the kingdom with justice and mercy.
Courageous Lion. He guards the Unicorn Grove, keeping the mythical creatures safe against intruders, poachers, mere mortals, and evil wizards.
Fluorescent Butterfly. These delicate creatures are drawn to places of magic and wonder. You can find them throughout the Enchanted Forest.
Night Lotus. It opens the way into the land of dreams and fairies, but it is very rare and only the initiated can find it.
Crescent Moon. Through darkest night, through deepest gloom, over any obstacle, its light will show you the way.

Bright Flower. It bursts into bloom just one night in the year, and can be brewed into a magical potion if you add some fairy dust and know the correct spell.
Golden Acorn. It feeds the hungry forest animals, and sometimes it grows into a mighty oak.
Free Spins. The dancing fireflies choreograph themselves into a dazzling Free Spins bonus that awards you up to 16 Free Spins with tripled wins.
Golden Unicorn – Casino Games. This fantastic creature sparks an indelible aura of beauty, innocence, and unconditional love for all who enter her surroundings. Among her many magical gifts, she can substitute for all slot machine symbols except the Free Spins.