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Chinese_Gold_slot_main_271China is a land of great treasures: material treasures, cultural treasures, spiritual treasures. The Chinese Gold free slot machine game takes you on a rewarding path to all of these exquisite treasures, accompanied by the mighty warrior Shen, the enchanting princess Ying, the lovely lady Liyu, and the wise sage Wong. All will help guide you on the mystical road to glittering Chinese gold and fabulous Gambino G-Coins.

The Dragon is a wild symbol in Chinese Gold, and the Jade Lion is a scatter symbol that activates the Free Spins round. And during those Free Spins, some extraordinary transformations occur: the Wild Dragon expands on the fifth reel to fill the entire reel, and the Warrior Shen and Princess Ying also transform into wild symbols on this incredible 5-reel and 25-line social slot machine.
Another special feature of Chinese Gold free casino slots is the Gong Bonus Symbol that triggers the exciting Zodiac Bonus Game in which you get to spin the Chinese Zodiac Wheel to see which fabulous prize will be yours. And then there is the Yin/Yang collectible: collect eighth Yin/Yang symbol and you will be rewarded with a jackpot of G-Coins.


Shen. The most skillful warrior in all of China, he is as renowned as much for his kindness and generosity as for his strength and courage. With Shen’s help, you will surely succeed to find the Chinese Gold.

Princess Ying. A true aristocrat, everything about Ying — from the steady unblinking gaze of her eyes to her fiery regal red dress to her sharp-edged fans — displays the unmistakably royal bearing of a Chinese princess.

Liyu. The lady in blue, quiet and demure, always with her parasol in hand, intended to deflect the gaze of male admirers as much as the glare of the Chinese sun. She knows far more than she lets on, including the secrets of the Chinese Gold.

Wong. This ageless saint is a philosopher, a mystic, a poet, and a seer. He is always willing to share his wisdom with those who seek enlightenment, but only a few among them are capable of understanding. Are you one of the select few?

Scatter Lion. These exquisitely carved Jade Lions guard the entrance to Master Wong’s dojo. Are you brave enough to pass through? If you are, they will reward you handsomely with 7 free spins of the slot machine reels.

Wild Dragon. Even battle-scarred soldiers are terrified of this fire-breathing monster but, in fact, you will find that the Wild Dragon is actually a friend who helps you achieve winning combinations on the social casino slots.

Bonus Gong. This finely wrought gong rings in the Chinese Zodiac Bonus Game. Spin the outer wheel with the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac in one direction, spin the inner wheel with the multiplier values in the other, and the result will be your G-Coin Bonus.

Yin/Yang. The symbol of balance in Chinese philosophy. Darkness and light, good and evil, thick and thin — it is all part of the Yin and Yang of the universe. Collect 8 Yin/Yang symbols and you will achieve cosmic harmony plus a big G-Coins Jackpot.

Nudging Wild Dragon. During the Free Spins round, the Wild Dragon on the fifth reel nudges up or down to fill the entire reel, creating the potential for many more winning slots combinations.

Wild Shen. Already the most formidable fighter in China, Shen becomes an unstoppable, almost superhuman, wild warrior during the Free Spins round.

Wild Ying. When the Free Spins come, Princess Ying’s regal beauty advances from enchantingly lovely to wildly irresistible.