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What are slots? 

What are online slots? 

How to play slots? 

What are slot lines? 

On how many paylines should I bet? 

What is the Wild symbol? 

What is Scatter? 

How to start playing slots? 

Q: What are slots?

Slot machines, or, as they are sometimes called fruit machines, one-armed bandits or just slots, are gambling machines with three (or sometimes more) reels with symbols on them. When the button is pushed, the reels spin and the player receives some random combination of the symbols. The machines pay off is based on the combination of symbols on the machine’s screen when it stops. Slot machines are the most popular gambling places in any casino. The first slot machine was created more than 120 years ago – in 1891. Its creator – Sittman and Pitt Company made what we now may call “a prototype” of a modern-day gambling machine. This machine simulated the game of poker and payed its user not with money, but with goods from a local bar. The first modern slot machine however was created in 1887 by Charles Fey and was called Liberty Bell. Only in 1950s did the slot machines become electro-mechanical, which gave them even more popularity worldwide!

Q: What are online slots?

Online slots appeared in the 1990’s (thanks to the spread of the internet). From there, their quality and technology grew ever faster. Due to the popularity of mobile devices with online capabilities nowadays, online slots can be played through tablets and mobile phones anywhere. The slots were finally put into the hands of the players.

Q: How to play slots?

The slots are quite simple – you click the spin button, the reels spin and you win (or sometimes lose). But, like in any good gamble there are some secrets we are happy to share with you: As you may already know, to win you must get three identical symbols lined in the middle line. Here is where the differences between classic slots and online slots start. Most online slots have 5 reels. Also the winning streak doesn’t need to combine on the middle row. It can appear in the bottom, in the top or even be diagonal (or have other stranger forms). This can vary from one slot machine to another. But don’t let your head spin – the machine will always tell you when you have won!

Q: What are slot lines?

The lines are, well, winning lines – there are usually 25 of them, but almost any amount is possible. As we said earlier – they can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even zigzags. If you get any combining symbol along even one of those lines – you win! Even better – the matching symbols don’t need to be next to each other for you to win. Usually you can choose on how many paylines to bet.

Q: On how many paylines should I bet?

This is a very tricky question! For example, if you bet on just one line with one coin, you gamble for one coin every spin. And if you bet on, let’s say, 6 lines with one coin, you gamble for 6 coins every spin. There is no definite answer here – you really should try out different strategies for yourself and see what works best for you. All we can say is- if you want to play longer, bet for just one line and if you want more thrill and action – your choice should be a multiple pay lines game.

Q: What is the Wild symbol?

As long as you have a Wild symbol along the line, you can win with just two identical symbols. Wild (much like a Joker in poker) stands for any other symbol. Each machine has different Wild designs!

Q: What is Scatter?

Scatter symbol can give you many different prizes – coins, free spins or even bonus game rounds. To get these prizes, you’ll need to have at least three Scatters anywhere on the reels. No specific order or location is needed. That’s right – as long as Scatter symbols are visible on the screen they give you prizes. Apart from free spins and bonus rounds, Scatter can give you Multiplier. This means, that Scatter will multiply your entire win from the round x2, x3 times or even more. But watch out – Wilds can not substitute for Scatters. But don’t you worry – you’ll catch them anyway!

Q: How to start playing slots?

First, you should decide on your bet. There are Minimum and Maximum bets. For example, the minimum bet can be 5 coins and the maximum bet can be 100 coins. You can bet not only those bets, but everything in between too. The higher you bet, the more you win! Then it is time to decide on how many paylines to bet. Your basic bet amount is for a single line. For example, if you decide to bet 5 coins on 6 lines, you will bet 30 coins in total. The more you bet, the more you win (and more you risk of course!). Then you press the Spin button and the game begins! Don’t forget that there is also an Auto Play button, if you don’t like to click on a Spin button every single time.

Enjoy the game and good luck!